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Full Version: Alexa has destroyed our ranking along with other "alternative" sites
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they throttled down most of the "alt" or "conservative" websites over the last few months. This is not a coincidence. this is MANIPULATION.

we lost 200K spots in just a couple months.

same thing happened to infowars wnd and the other CT sites:

[Image: alexa-infowars.jpg]

[Image: alexa-drudge.jpg]

[Image: alexa-fox.jpg]
[Image: alexa-breitbart.jpg]
they all spiked down at the same time, INCLUDING OURS.

we went from around 250K to 488K.
meanwhile check out establishment sites:

[Image: alexa-pp.jpg]

[Image: alexa-npr.jpg]

could they make it any more obvious?
oh boy:

[Image: alexa-mm.jpg]
“How does one explain the disparity between the recent gains on Alexa by statist, pro-government, pro-status quo, establishment sites and the precipitous drops on Alexa by the anti-establishment alternatives?” Farah said. “These rankings are not based on dropping traffic. No such drop is taking place. The Alexa rankings over the last week suggest the company has thrown out its role as a politically impartial Internet ranking service and thrown its lot in with search engines like Google and Bing, which admittedly give preferences through their algorithms to establishment Internet content sites like CNN and Huffington Post.”
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/your-favorite...Jvzsc1E.99
Thats fucking unsettling

They're gonna start picking us off one by one with help from vutu

Hes like the fat kid in the stand
Alexa? Matt Abbotta!!!!
[Image: wnd-1.jpg]
[Image: wnd-2.jpg]
alexa has just destroyed its credibility. I will no longer pay attention this ranking.
The war on independent thought is very real.
While I do think something untoward has happened with the other sites, I highly doubt we have been 'affected' or targeted by Alexa.com, we are too small to be worth the bother.

Do not forget that this period is covering when we had the massive downtime that lasted for about a week if memory serves me well. If anything this is proof of why it isn't a good move by a site owner to have all the down time.
i don't think they personally targeted this site but they may be throttling down all sites with certain types or keywords or articles.

also with a peak position ranking of 220K and millions of page impressions this website is not that small in terms of viewership.

there are 500 million + active websites, we are quite popular if you look at it like this.
You can't trust any of that shit man.

Look at people who quote snopes like it is a paragon of truth. It's all just a bunch of bullshit that can be bought and paid for.

Video game rankings, movie ratings, whatever. It's all a bunch of bullshit.
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