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Full Version: I wish HA was here to share his thoughts on this video
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Hellfire Awaits is busy getting drunk on Saturday Nights and spending hours at Vutu aka Ricky Ponting's little Place analyzing and lusting after the different body types of the various Orientals he observes in his ronery life. He doesn't have time for the double standards and hypocrisy of this website.

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Quote:Generally I see only two body types among 333s.

Skinny, weak little nerdling, or big hulking moron with excess body fat and a giant moon face. the latter phenotype is pretty common among tall Koreans and tall northern Chinese.... southern chinese and japanese very rarely attain that level of height or muscularity.

It seems the more they eat, the more muscle they gain, but along with the muscle comes heaping doses of adipose tissue. They suck at gaining muscle while staying shredded. It's either gain muscle and gain fat, or stay skinny with horrible muscle tone.

I blame the more efficient cabohydrate digestion and weak androgen receptors (+ lower serum concentrations of man hormones like DHT), and also a cultural aversion to exercise and physical sports. You Chinese FOB idiots are the worst at this... At least Koreans are shallow enough to understand that they have to work hard to compete in the dating market.

Hispanics have the same problem, except they find it somewhat easier to gain muscle on account of their white/blacks ancestry. Whole bunch of fat *** Frito Bandito looking dudes. The greater the Indio ancestry, the fatter and skinnier they are, in general. but given their genetic diversity, you see all sorts of interesting combos that surface less frequently in every other non-hybrid race. They're all over the map when it comes to exercise physique.

Go to any college campus on the states and you will see the difference immediately. UCSD in SoCal (my ex-gf's alma mater) is located right near the beach, with over 300 days of sunshine a year, and guess which race looks hilarious with their shirts off? (That is, if they aren't too shy in the first place.) Sorry EY, your sisters are being ****ed by frat dudes every single week. You have neither hardness nor size. ROR
Harold and Kumar 3 Banned from EvilYoshida.com

Staring Hellfire Awaits and Vutulaki
[Image: harold-kumar.jpg]

Special appearances by Galt and a Thai baby

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See what kind of wacky adventures they get into with their nemesis Fatbody

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LOL, I wonder if it works.
What the ff? It would be nice to have HA comment on this symbiotic salad tossing, bovine arrangement.
Carnivorous salad tossing for the milk!

mabye that technique works?

who knows. a lot of folk traditions work.. but that is really dirty and nasty.
You'd think so, but you get into it.
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