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Full Version: An Abo Love Story
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An Abo Love Story

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An antidisestablishmentarianism production
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The humble early origins of Vutulaki aka Indentured Dawg aka Glorious Bastard aka Ricky Ponting's marriage can be traced back to South Korea. After his future Bride and her gaedok family "left Seoul to move to the Jeolla province to start a business" she scheduled an impromptu two week Holiday to Sydney.

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Loving the Weather and culture she decided to stay full time and found work immediately in Sydney's Koreatown while studying TESOL at the University of Sydney

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Vutu, who normally could be found with the other Pisshead kaivitis enjoying curry on break in their specially designated cafeteria decided to try the new Korean BBQ and instantly fell in love at first sightand couldn't stop thinking about her upon arriving back to work.

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With his Yellow Fever at all time high and causing serious demonic delusions it took him two weeks before he finally found the strength and courage to initiate a conversation. The two hit it off almost instantly. He casually threw in the fact that his "family are all millionaires in Fiji, Canada, US and Australia", has an impressive 500 lb deadlift and is a national ranked Race Walker hoping to make the 2016 Olympics in Rio

While impressed with the financial prospects (millionaire relatives, Money from Race Walking, six figure salary, plus 100's of 30 dollar E pills sold at Sydney Raves) and aroused sexually with his Prime Evander Holyfield Physique and enormous BBC she still had reservations that a relationship could work. His short temper, uncouth manners and Petrol addiction were all cause for concern.

The noodle arm, Aspergers ridden Hellfire Awaits whose self hatred of Koreans, disgust of The American blacks, and seeking revenge on all the women who spurned his advances was contacted and made a financial offer to help his mate.
(seen here with sister covering his jjangke eyes with JAV PORN style censors.)
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Using his chemistry degree the Aspergers ridden Science Bitch enforced "Plan B" while Vutu aka Ricky Ponting watched with anticipation.

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Oooooh Yeahhhh!
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(10-14-2014 02:42 PM)antidisestablishmentarianism Wrote: [ -> ]
An Abo Love Story

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Oooooh Yeahhhh!

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Galt sez you're a non-inclusive bully... he sad.
Is Hellfire Awaits wearing a duster?

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