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No big revelations but I always thought it was weird.

I count 32 stars if you complete the ring.

What else can we see?

[Image: Paramount_Pictures_logo_with_new_Viacom_byline.jpg]

[Image: logo.jpg]

[Image: paramount_12.jpg]

[Image: Doyov2.jpg]
It didn't always look this way... somewhere along the line it was changed to the very pronounced shape we see today

[Image: Paramount_Pictures_Logo_1951_b.jpg]


[Image: 3440071028_53632338b6.jpg]

[Image: Paramount-toon1949.jpg]

[Image: Paramount_Pictures_Logo_1926_a.PNG]

Then the strange flattening of the peak, forming the 'unfinished pyramid' sort of look:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
don't really see anything.

the mountain summit represents being on top or being at the peak.
[Image: ifLqnS.jpg]
Several inverted inverted pentagrams at the top. Clearly Satanic.
And paramount is obviously a bastardization of Poimondres so we can safely assume a hermetical influence and probable Atlantean connection.
very interesting. I think you have a point there masato.
look in the first image I posted;

the symmetry of the triangles, the precise mirrored angles... at the peak there are 3 distinct perfect triangles.

Also the mountain in the lower left foreground is clearly a perfect pyramid.

Also, this line/angle is VERY specific in all of the 'newer' versions... why?
Its the same angle every time


[Image: 5RApdQ.jpg]
Many angles match exactly:

[Image: c1h5xi.jpg]
There's a human skull above the "M" in VIACOM in the first pic.

Welcome to my world.
That logo is loaded wiith subliminal stuff.
this is the current logo. nothing really to see.

[Image: 1254px-Paramount_Pictures_print_logo_(1968).svg.png]
Pyramids with a diamond star halo.

It means more than that though, the mountain is an archetype itself.
(10-09-2014 10:29 PM)Redneck Wrote: [ -> ]Pyramids with a diamond star halo.

It means more than that though, the mountain is an archetype itself.

The fact that so much detail was cast aside, then seeing what was left for the new logo speaks volumes about what was intended with this logo from the beginning.
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