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Full Version: The Possession Of Michael King
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This is a new horror movie that tells the story of an atheist who sets out to prove that god and the devil are fictitious, by experimenting in occult rituals in order to prove that they are bogus.

At first I thought the film was by a budding young director, but it is actually the debut director role for a former Studio Exec come Writer, who had a lot of connections in Hollywood. No surprise that he was an Exec for Disney Wink

This is what he says about his prep for the movie

Quote:How much of the practices shown in the film were based on real life rituals? Most of them, according to Jung. ”I did a lot of research for this story and I tracked down a lot of really arcane, occult manuscripts. Some things that had to be translated, some things that were passed from person to person and a lot of things that are in old books that are still surviving. I didn’t want the rituals that he was doing to be like a lot of the other stuff that had been explored in the recent mythology. I didn’t want it to be Ouija boards and candle lighting. There’s actually a small homage to those types of things when he gets a mail order demon summoning kit, but I wanted to dig into some really old pagan dark stuff… and I found some of that stuff and the necromancy ritual that he does and the demon summoning ritual that he does those are very close to things that I found that were real methods of summoning spirits and demons. The only thing I really made up in this story was the name of the specific demon and the mythology behind that demon, but all of the other stuff, the ritualistic stuff, is that’s a lot of stuff that I found.”

I watched the movie last night, and was impressed. It's not your average Hollywood Horror film.

Holy shit, I found the entire movie on Youtube.

damn not available in "Merica
^^ That sucks, it must be how they've gotten away with posting it. I can still see it, i'm surprised it hasn't been taken down yet.
I will download this
Streaming free in the US here > http://www.putlocker.tw

Not a bad movie. The formulaic ear piercing noise out of nowhere was overused and predictable.
I want to see The Mazerunner, and maybe Gone Girl.

Might check this out too. Not a lot shaking in movieland that I care much about right now.
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