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Full Version: Understanding the Middle Easter Clusterhuck through Graphics
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the so called cradle of civilization. includes Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Jordan

[Image: fertile_crescent_textbook.jpg]
How Middle Eastern people gave Europeans religion.

[Image: spread_of_religions_new_2.jpg]
Mohammed's Caliphate conquers the Middle East

[Image: arab_expansion_gif_map_crop_2.gif]

height of Caliphates reach

[Image: height_of_omayyad_caliphate_cropped.png]
Rise of the Ottoman Empire:

[Image: ottoman_empire_gif.gif]
White people take over the MIddle east around 1914:

[Image: middle_east_1914_english.jpg]
French and British continue to Carve up the MIddle east with Sykes Picot lines:

[Image: sykes_picot_by_FT.png]
2011 Arab Spring Revolutions funded by the West:

[Image: arab-spring.gif]
Anglo-Zionists take Palestine:

[Image: arab-israeli-war_1948.jpg]
This is why the Brits took over Egypt. The Suez Canal is the center of much of the world's commerce. 8% in fact.

[Image: global-shipping-lanes-map.png]
Humans cultural expansion, still looks like a plague that encircles water through the millennia
(10-08-2014 06:44 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]How Middle Eastern people gave Europeans religion.

[Image: spread_of_religions_new_2.jpg]

Jewish traditions infiltrated Roman religiosity.
The Romans spread middle eastern religion to Europe.
German lands, Norse, Celts etc. had their religions ,sadly a cultural heritage was erased by Jew worship.
Jesus worship in Ireland or Norway is not natural.
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