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Full Version: A bit of fun
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I follow these guys on Faebook and came across this bit of fun. After I got bored of putting in the first name of people I know, and random pornstars I could come up with, I decided to put in posters names on this site.

Everything was pretty boring and tame until I hit upon a jackpot. You guessed it, Evilyoshida is pure filth. His name came out with an incredible rating of 89%. Obviously he is a lot more lascivious than we ever gave him credit for.
“Evilyoshida” is 89% porny!
Rating: NSFW
“Bric countries” is 6% porny!
Rating: More tea vicar

“Diet butcher” is 9% porny!
Rating: More tea vicar

“Dong Johnson” is 96% porny!
Rating: Good lord
“Redneck” is 48% porny!
Rating: Mildly risque
Winnson is 11% porny
Rating = Barely Bare
“Masato toys” is 31% porny!
Rating: Bit of ankle
Last one for now.

“superCalo ” is 26% porny!
Rating: Safe for work

(I can already imagine Calo's disappointment, so much effort for so little gain.)
I am certain that I am no less than 14% porney, based on rigorous statistical analysis.

GTFO with that bro science.
60% porny

my rogan board moniker is 100% porny

I like the word 'porny'

I never heard that before


B.A. Dass is only 36%: I'm glad my renaissance man qualities are taken into consideration when judging me by name only???!!!
9% ... well the words Diet and Butcher does not ring "porn" at all, so yeah, LOL
Rako is not porny, and James was 11% But Jane tested in at 44% (and no, that's not my name).
“6ULDV8” is 22% porny!
Rating: Safe for work

“6UL” is 49% porny!
Rating: Mildly risque

“Sexual Chocolate” is 65% porny!
Rating: Saucy
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