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Full Version: ISIS sleeper cells activated......Sharia Law imposed at EvilYoshida.com
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ISIS has realized that their success is dependent on two things: Western Backed Funding and Social Media.

[Image: 100dollar.jpg]
[Image: twitter.png]

EvilYoshida.com caught the attention of many "Heavy Hitters" Within ISIS after the Alexa Rankings showed a meteoric rise after the Syrian Civil War thread.

[Image: Relationship+between+website+Alexa+ranki...sitors.jpg]

There are were rumblings at Scotland Yard that Benwahwah might have turned on Abdel-Majed Abdel barry (Possibly Jihadi John) to EY.com during their time together in London at the London Islamic School on 18 Damien St. in West London.
[Image: barry-jihadi-john.jpg]

It is said that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was so pleased with the support and content of EvilYoshida.com that he personally ordered the recruitment of two established posters.
(Preferably with a hate for the West and Left leaning Socialist and Marxist ideas and a suffering from severe cases of "white Guilt")
(Pictured here after reading DonJohnson's epic thread.. A Man's Watch on Ey.com)
[Image: al-Baghdadi_watch__2965830c.jpg]
(Seen here during Pre Sharia Law times before a Slipkont concert in Wembley Stadium flashing some hand signs thought to represent West London)
[Image: BNyTXuhCYAAUAXD.jpg:large]

Benwahwah was an obvious choice being an old acquitance with Jihadi John and being the former head of the Labour Students the Youth Wing of the Labour Party.
[Image: muslim620_1976526a.jpg]

Som Pong
(Seen here during Pre Sharia law times in Bangkok purchasing a mug for Ya-dong that would show an ironic foreshadowing of what was to come)
[Image: gw7wbzjFpQI.jpg]

Som Pong was a difficult second choice for ISIS. While he expressed pseudo intellectual Marxist ideas and a Bleeding Heart Liberal Mantra he went both ways (Both Sexually and Politically).
His deviant love and admiration for Ladyboys, Ganja, Fried Chicken, Watermelon and Ya-Dong raised alarm bells within ISIS but was overlooked for his deep connection within the Criminal Underworld
in two continents especially with the Hell's Angels in Sweeden. His six months training in Liberia was also a major factor in his recruiting.
[Image: Morton.jpg]
With the infiltration of two key Players at EvilYoshida.com the sleeper cells next logical step was taking down the Top Dog EvilYoshida and Watch the Dominoes fall affecting this forum as we know it forever........

EvilYoshida was Forced to convert from Catholicism, give up Expensive Whiskey and fine imported Japanese cigarettes and return to his hometown of Shropshire now an ISIS stronghold
(seen here at Club M1NT in Shanghai)
[Image: 621445_362584623830773_967991444_o.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_m7dr26a9361r5r8duo1_500.gif]

DonJohnson was sent a notice that all posts invloving Sexual innuendo or racial oberservations were to cease and desist immediately for they were not in accordance with the Prophet Mohammed
(Seen here after a big date in Scarborough and before a Sleep over with some powerful people in the Illuminati)
[Image: tvjohnny-1.jpg]
Diet Butcher was put in charge with Hong Kong recruiting for ISIS and leadership of all HK posters and setting up a Sleeper Cell
(High School Photo in the late 80s during the Minneapolis sound era)
[Image: 695051070.jpg]

Ordered to pick up and unlatch Winnson from the local Park ASAP and get to work on important task
[Image: mikemyers1.gif]

Shahanshah was ordered to turn in all Magic Carpets to be converted into prayer rugs
(Seen here traveling in Tehran)
[Image: aladdin.jpg]
(Seen here during his ICE phase an arrest a few years ago before his face healed up nicely)
[Image: 1312044884995.jpg]

[Image: dog-the-bounty-hunter-o.gif]

Canukster was given two very important Tasks: Leading the Hordes of Bland, Vanilla Canucks that frequent EY.com and locating and Eliminating the sworn enemy of ISIS Megatherium who has since gone underground.

Last know Pictures and Videos of Megatherium during a trip to the Mall in Vancouver
[Image: 124842670.jpg]

[Image: aagrand1.gif]

[Image: srmron3c.gif]

Canukster these are the areas he is known to frequent if you have trouble hunting him down
[Image: pot-shop.jpg?w=620&h=464]

[Image: db5b4ee6-d111-48e9-a801-326b1d94eda4.jpg]

Howard Molsons got a new shovel!!!
[Image: cool-hand-luke-boxing.jpg]
The two females on the site (PublicNOOSE and Shelby Paige)were forced to wear the Hijab or risk death by stoning for bringing dishonor on their families
much to Hellfire Awaits joy

(seen here in a family Glamour shot)
[Image: 1114872440.jpg]

[Image: 80383-oh-my-god-its-in-gif-mclovin-S-4vOn.gif]

Shelby Paige
(seen here in the infamous XXX picture sent to Pappy Knuckles when they were an item)
[Image: watermelon-courtesy-awkwardfamilyphotos.com_.jpg]

[Image: 4wx4AO8.gif]
The Dean
(Seen here in an undated photo circulated by the illuminati)

[Image: awkward_mullet3.jpg]

The Dean replaced GMB13 as second in Command at Ey.com after the short lived team of Ace(EvilYoshida) and (Gary)GMB13 dissolved over ISIS fears he was unable to perform his duties after getting married

[Image: 947523053.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_lnq58tHxGm1qeliv2o1_500.gif]

[Image: tumblr_lnq4nxNLz41qeliv2o1_500.gif]

To the Japanese made 333 Mobile. While lacking in size like its American counterparts it delivers extra pleasure and durability with its rock hard Titanium outer shell
[Image: agcar.gif]

[Image: hulk-hogan-ultimate-warrior-blow-job-hul...n-gifs.gif]
[Image: m8Llq5k.gif]
my sides

[Image: 1409037080624.gif]
[Image: VQxJV.gif]
LMAO!!!!! this is GOLD STANDARD Anti!
That's a pretty good picture of me. The skinny tie is in style right now.
Redneck and SuperCalo were forced to put an end to their deviant sexual debauchery immediately or risk a nice orange jumpsuit. This behavior might fly in Tony Abbott's government but will not be permitted in the Caliphate.
[Image: leatherhood1.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_mqxqhc2z8h1s0829po1_400.gif]
[Image: tumblr_lz09d75eFZ1r0mfiao1_500.gif]
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