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Full Version: Dude Dropped Into The Lions Den....
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Dude stormed the wrong Dojo in my opinion.

[Image: Kimo-Leopoldo_1.jpg]

How efficient are these monsters?

I hope he doesn't get beaten into the living death...

[Image: a98057161c0f.gif]

[Image: fajitas-chick-and-pork.png]
lol. thought you were gone for good. welcome back.
(09-26-2014 07:02 AM)DonJohnson Wrote: [ -> ]lollllll

What's crackalackin Blackie Chan® aka B.E.T. Li® !!!
[Image: 563_0_resize_watermarked_rt_5.jpg]
[Image: f2ufcx.jpg]

[Image: ken-shamrock_feature.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRtiYEDTdZfS-v5du1_dfv...RK8d_TixJ2]

[Image: 33msnf6.jpg]
[Image: kenshamrock.jpg]
Petey my heart!
[Image: lz69g.jpg]

Quote:Barring last minute changes because of injury or illness, Bellator 138: "Unfinished Business," which takes place inside Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Mo., on June 19, 2015, is now complete.

Quote: Kimbo Slice's Special abilities

Rage: Kimbo Slices anger is so powerful that it is known to decimate cities. Kimbo Slice caused Hurricane Florence after learning that Steve Irwin died (his favorite show was the crocodile hunter. Kimbo Slice, while grieving caused the extinction of all stingrays (those fuckers were so dead after one of them killed Irwin.)

Beard: Kimbo Slice's beard is ten million times stronger than diamond. He is able to detach it and throw it like a boomerang. To date, it has killed an estimated 200 million people.

English: Kimbo Slice is famous for his English speaking ability. He is able to clearly explain is opinions in perfect grammar and syntax.

Chest Hair: Kimbo Slice's chest hair is so strong that it can deflect rockets and grate hard cheese.

Kimbo Slice: This is Kimbo slices most powerful attack, equal to Chuck Norris's roundhouse kick or Mr. T's pity. By using his all powerful beard, Kimbo creates a ripple in the space-time continuum, which ultimately creates a wormhole, allowing Kimbo Slice to travel back in time. Kimbo Slice also has the power of destroying the worm hole by growling at it.

"With these hands I can part the sea. With these hands I feed the family."

-Kimbo Slice

[Image: kimbo_slice-2.jpg]

The fight that started it all. A legend was born this day. Single handily this is the most important fight in the history of mMa.

"There aint going to be any "chill dawg" rules when we meet Kimbo. I am going to beat you into a living DEATH!!!"

[Image: ken-shamrock-kimbo-slice-elitexc-heat.jpg]
when does this go down?
hope i look that good in my 50's
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