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Full Version: the alphabet.
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Have you ever noticed

The first letter of the alphabet.

[Image: 12170858441710120007letter A.svg.hi.png]

Do you notice anything?

How about the 13th

[Image: REX00LW2M.jpg]

Do you think this could be even close to a coincidence?

Neither do I.
Take a close look at our alphabet, it isn't what you think.
Please continue
I'm still forming my opinions on this and will be looking into it more in depth

The letter A is no accident, no way no how could that be.
The letter L Immediately preceded the letter M.

Any takers yet?
It is interesting that the alphabet has a particular order... how/when/by who was this decided? Do we know when this specific alphabet was 'officialized', and where?

Is the order just so it rhymes when you put it to the tune of 'Twinkle Twinkle'?

Interesting fuckin idea

What is the 7th letter?

[Image: masons.jpg]
8 is 'I'
Like I said, I stumbled across this on my own, and noticed the coincidences. I've never read anything about this before and doubt I will have the time to properly research.

To me at the moment, the alphabet appears to be a set of carefully arranged sigils.

The letter V is also significant.

I hope this doesn't consume me now. Fuck.
Does the L preceding the M make any sense to anyone yet?

Elite? El was the name of god. Elohim, elevated etc.

M is the sign of masonry, (I'm sure there is more there)
And the twinkle twinkle little star song rhyming to the alphabet is pretty fucked too. If you look at it from the right perspective.
Oh well, back to the loony bin for me.
I've been looking into the "Q-Before-R" thing….a lot.
Doesn't this go all the way back to the Latin and Greek Alphabets? They were ordered similarly.

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, in Revelations (the A to the Omega in Greek).
M also rests in the center of the alphabet
Also. Don't. Mistake my interest in this topic for belief in the subject matter.
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