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Full Version: Dude Dropped Into The Tiger's Den......
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how efficient are these monsters?
[Image: kVQcqRQ.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_inline_n8mcxyz3Sb1qc0sxf.gif]
what an idiot
what do you make of the hand motions?

praying to the elephant god?
these zoo animals are generally quite tame.. dude acted like a total beta and was probably eaten.

Tigers, Lions etc. are generally scared of Humans.
another guy doing same thing

[Image: luke-rockhold-tiger-balls.jpg?w=1000]
Another video of that...looks like people in India have phones with cameras, but don't know how to use the cameras???!!!

Man dropped into tiger cage, attacks cub

[Image: lukecub.jpg?w=640&h=711]
Is there a moral decay in our society when witnesses use their cellphones to catch the event, instead of trying to help that someone who is in mortal danger???!!

PS I thought the title, at first, was someone going into the Lion's Den????!!!!

btw read an article that the rock throwing is what propelled the tiger to snap the victim's neck to take him out of the rock throwing range.

basically tiger played with the petrified man for 15 minutes. then people started throwing rocks.... and tiger immediately killed the man.

there's nothing you can do but film with your phone as a bystander.
tiger was visible confused by all the people screaming at it. They may be a little hesitant with humans at first since we're taller and bipedal but people still get slaughtered in the wild. There are wild tigers living near villages in India that are known to have killed dozens of humans.
lol @ indian dude instinctively going for the GJJ butt scoot as the tiger charged him.
tiger are always thinning the herd with these near death 120 lb 3rd worlders.

i want to see a tiger legit take out a human beast. preferrably samoan......

[Image: David_Tua3-530x317.JPG]

[Image: mark-hunt.png]

[Image: anthony_johnson_500x325_ufc.png]
a david tua left hook might scare the tiger off for a bit to retreat to safety. i don't think samoans know fear either. it's not genetically passed down through thousands of years of warrior culture.
honestly, a David Tua or Mark Hunt would kill that starving third worlder just as fast with a flush punch.
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