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Full Version: We getting DDOS'd?
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What's with the lag?
I have no idea. site is slow as hell.
The truth hurts!
This is uncharacteristically slow for this site.

We are probably getting bombed by some idiot script kiddies.

Can you block IPs with inordinate traffic?
Can you check things out EY? This site is zombie paced now.

I click 'freethinker's academy' and I can go get dinner and do my laundry before it loads up.

Please tell me that's not intentional.
yeah. I'm gonna ask dreamhost.

this is unacceptable.
It was ok for a bit last night, but it's still laggy as hell on my phone or pc.
it's a little better for me now.
Was really slow this morning...seems a little faster now.

It'll probably be back to normal soon.
Was ok for a bit, but is slower than heck now. I can't even get pages to load.
i think we are continually getting DDOS attacks.

not much we can do about it .

lots of 503 errors too.

whatever. Keep up the fight no matter what happens.
Damn script kiddies.
yeah, I'm getting a lot of 503 errors. Fucking Ned is on to us!
is it just us people in Asia?

doesn't seem like many other people are reporting issues.
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