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Full Version: More Proof of Sandy Hook Fakery
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[Image: 628x471.jpg]
When you look at the picture above, what stands out?
Where was this taken?
Supposedly, they were taken in Adam and Nancy Lanza's home.
the ID card obviously looks very suspect. looks like a shopped Ryan lanza
(09-20-2014 06:41 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]the ID card obviously looks very suspect. looks like a shopped Ryan lanza

Yes, that's true EY. But there's something else odd about it.

Is there something in that picture that you've never seen Adam Lanza need?
[Image: 420743-lanza.gif]
[Image: 1418450360_2036403043001_961896998-167-1...574854.jpg]

[Image: ryanlanza-365031.jpg]

[Image: ryan-lanza-AFP-635.jpg]
In other words, there's something in that picture you wouldn't own two pairs of unless you really needed them.
That coin on the right looks to have strange lettering
yep. Like I said, if indeed the thing was a hoax.. they just used shopped pictures of Ryan

to quote winnson, the SH = gift of weirdness that keeps on giving. I'm pretty sure a lot of this stuff is done on purpose for whatever reasons.
Well, one thing the pictures do show is that Adam Lanza was probably one of the most hardcore gamers alive.

[Image: 628x471.jpg]

[Image: 020419-48f0f1ba-6f52-11e3-af23-8bbd4004b6c0.jpg]

[Image: article-2513067-19A5167B00000578-22_634x419.jpg]

Somehow, Adam Lanza managed to get Call of Duty 4, Left for Dead, and Gears of War to work despite the fact that they are not compatible with any of his gaming consoles.

That's pretty hardcore IMO.
Now, if Adam Lanza spent all of his free time in his room and had no friends like we were told...why wouldn't his beloved XBox 360 be in there?
ok i see. old xbox with new xbox 360 games.

the room pictures look fake as hell.

you don't get the sense that anyone really lived in there.
Ointment, but what kind? hmmmm

His gaming setup looks like mine.

Welp, I've got some news to make, Better get firing
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