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Full Version: Huge Underground Complex Found At StoneHenge
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An astonishing complex of ancient monuments, buildings, and barrows has lain hidden and unsuspected beneath the Stonehenge area for thousands of years. Scientists discovered the site using sophisticated techniques to see underground, announcing the finds this week.

[Image: _77495623_stonehenge_image_624map.jpg]

Among the discoveries announced Wednesday are 17 ritual monuments, including the remains of a massive "house of the dead," hundreds of burial mounds, and evidence of a possible processional route around Stonehenge itself.

There's also evidence of a nearby mile-long "superhenge" at Durrington Walls that was once flanked by as many as 60 gigantic stone or timber columns, some of which may still lie under the soil.

The discoveries result from the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape Project, a four-year effort to create a high-resolution, 3-D underground map of the landscape surrounding Stonehenge.

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Land of the Fae, Home of the Sidhe?
Stonehenge, Woodhenge...give me a call when they find Adamantiumhenge, or the Matt ABbott fear-shit Mound???!!!
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