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Full Version: UC Davis Professor Hamamoto Exposes the NWO. MUST READ
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THis is what he looks like:

[Image: hamamoto.jpg?w=474]

“I’m going to engage in intellectual inquiry wherever it may take me, even if it goes straight into the the very existence and bowels of the University of California, Yale, you name it.”-Darrell Hamamto

Professor Hamamoto’s recent research has culminated in the exciting new book, Servitors of Empire: Studies in the Dark Side of Asian America. He is presently embarking on a set of new endeavors to advance his conceptualization of “New World Order theory.”

On Hamamoto’s new intellectual and research paths, Hamamoto recollects, “Around 2005 I had to rethink the premises upon which I was functioning as an intellectual, as a would-be scholar, as a professor and classroom instructor. I had to relearn. I had to reeducate myself, and it’s a difficult process as you might imagine.”

“The very fields that I helped to pioneer have been visited by the Rockefeller Foundation boys and the Gates Foundation,” Hamamoto remarks concerning the subversion of genuine activist-oriented and propelled scholarship. “This is what happens. You do pioneering work, and then you get the knock on the door and the invitation to be brought in to the fold. Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies in particular have had those visits. We’ve been taken over. We’ve been co-opted. In place of the organic leadership has been placed these people who I call the ‘servitors of empire.’ That’s a midpoint between servants and … the wielders of true power–the great Anglo-American families.“

Now here is some meat:

Concerning deep agendas involving modern eugenics, Hamamoto observes,”Just like I got to see more [students] coming in on psychotropic drugs, I’ve been able to see the greater feminization of the male population over the years. I wanted to ask questions why. It didn’t take too long to figure out that the male species in the Western world and places like Japan and South Korea, and definitely Southeast Asia, are being purposely re-engineered into a new type of gender orientation. The university,” Hamamoto continues, “has purposely come up with this whole LGBT intellectual, scholarly, and student services agenda to act as a smokescreen for a more fundamental and nefarious attempt to engage in a massive eugenics exercise in effecting human reproduction.”

source material from "memory hole blog"
this is pretty big. When a tenured CURRENT PROFESSOR is talking about this stuff, you know CT has reached some type of critical mass.

there is no doubt in my mind that there is a conscious force trying to feminize western and east asian males.

the transformation in Korea has been amazing. Korean men went from one of the most masculine to perhaps one of the most feminine out of the east asians within 10 years.
he looks more serious in this pic:

[Image: darrell_hamamoto_100x150.jpg]
Here's the first hour of an interview he did on Red Ice Radio:


You have to be a member to listen to the second hour of most of their videos.
he needs to take his stuff beyond asian american stuff in order to incorporate most people from humanity that are suffering due to these monsters.

I do believe there is a conspiracy against Asians, but that is because they are one of the strongest ethnic forces that hold up the traditional natural based order.

Also I do not think asians should react to NWO provocation for the most part; their non-reaction is what has saved them from full on subversion.

Just know what they are up to and silently take actions that disrupt or counter their plans.
(08-30-2014 05:19 AM)Jumbo Reverse Shrimp Wrote: [ -> ]Here's the first hour of an interview he did on Red Ice Radio:


You have to be a member to listen to the second hour of most of their videos.

thanks. He also did an interview with Alex Jones.

He uses the term 'weaponized political correctness"

i think this is a very apt term.

these people do not CARE for gays and other minority groups, they are merely used to attack the majority of the population.

if they really cared about discrimination they'd push harder AGAINST old age discrimination in the workforce, or discrimination against short people.

You start with the most widespread discrimination then you work down to smaller groups.
Quote:the wielders of true power–the great Anglo-American families.“

He should have used the term Anglo-Zionist or White Anglo-Hebrew.

The true power structure is composed of top WHITE Hebrews and top Anglos.

This does not imply ALL hebrews and anglos are part of this, obviously they are not, but for the most part the most powerful in the US are Anglo-Zionists.
LOL @ this review of his class by a student:

Quote:Has really radical ideas that open your eyes to a different perspective of the world. Some of the things he mentions in class are quite true if you conduct your own research on the side. Attendance is mandatory, don't be late. Critique the white supremacy & illuminati while applying the things he showed in class and you'll get at least a B.
LOL. It's amazing how people still think Conspiracies are HOKEY stuff. they HAPPEN ALL THE TIME EVERY SECOND. It's how most of the world operates. People don't show their hand and they collude to gain an advantage.

Another review.

Quote:Hamamoto might seem like a conspiracy junky but he backs it up with evidence and he is EXTREMELY straight forward. He doesnt want to "spoon feed" you. He cares about his students in a non-caring/tough love kinda way. H wants you to learn as a student with our heads screwed correctly on our shoulders. DONT BE LATE,DONT BRING A SKATE BOARD TO CLASS!!
I think the UC system is quite good. Even with my views I didn't feel out of place at Cal Berkeley.

Good schools encourage diff. perspectives.

the fact that they haven't found a way to take away Hamamoto's tenure is a testament to intellectual freedom.

however we'll see how far he can go if he continues along this path.

He might be OK as long as he doesn't mention the various Zionist conspiracy theories.
Did someone say NWO, lol.


"Dr. Kissinger served as national security adviser and secretary of state under Presidents Nixon and Ford. Adapted from his book "World Order," to be published Sept. 9 by the Penguin Press."

As usual, the comments section is more insightful than the main article.

"Why are people who warn about the New World Order characterized as "conspiracy kooks" when guys like Kissinger are openly proclaiming it?"

"Ahh, one of the two architects of the NWO... Millions have died due to the policies of Kissinger and Brzezinski, the high priests of the CFR... Both are zionist pigs that think nothing of genocide to further the grip of western hegemony on the rest of the world... They would have pulled it off too, except they had not calculated the impact of "new media" on their plans... They have been exposed and have lost all credibility through their idiotic actions since they concocted 9/11 as a new Pearl Harbor."

"Ahh Mr. Kissinger - one of the architects of the NWO.

All the participant in bringing about the NWO are desperate enough to make simple mistake such as in Benghazi/Libya and Syria - although as of now, your Ukraine strategy is working.

Well - knowing that you guys are meeting again in a couple of months to work on your strategy to bring about WWIII - the precursion for the NWO - will be the BRICS Nations and their allies and the US and their allies.

It's all about control - an a wish on the list of the same elites of population control - good way to get your wishes."

"Kissinger has the gall to write this drivel while he's involved in the evil plans of the banking elites. He never had any shame - why would he have any now?"

"Henry Kissinger is a mass murderer. We should not be listening to him."

^ probably the best Alex Jones interview. This isn't your typical alex jones guest. Prof. Hamamoto is VERY ELOQUENT and COHERENT.

random youtube comment:

Quote:I rarely thumbs up you vids Alex not cause I don't like you but because there's never quality guests or new people with high credentials. I watch your every vid and live your show and believe you are on the front lines of this info war. This is the best guest you ever had in my opinion. Its nice to see and professor of a prestigious college step up and back up everything you say. Hope to see him on a lot more in the future!
He's not really saying anything new, but the way he says it is very professional and eloquent.

Prof. Hamamoto has the potential to be on the front lines of the counter conspiracy.

he better make sure he' snot driving the same type of car as Hastings.
I'm telling people.. you have to listen to the AJ interview with him. I think his arrival may be a historic moment in Conspiracism.

He seems very determined to stop the agenda.
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