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Full Version: Adults Ignoring their Confucian Duty Risk Lawsuits in China
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Quote:Many children never visit their aged parents in the 50-bed home in eastern China’s Shandong province to avoid being criticized for not taking care of them at home, said Yang, 47. “The children are ashamed of being seen,” she said.

They may soon have no choice. From July 1, parents in China can sue their kids who don’t visit often enough, under a broadened law mandating children take better care of the aged. With China’s elderly population forecast to more than double to 487 million in the next 40 years, the government needs to try and limit the cost of caring for seniors.

“China’s aging problem is at a scale and speed not comparable with anywhere else in the world,” said Yuan Xin, director of Nankai University’s Aging Development Strategy Research Center in Tianjin, and a member of an advisory committee on the new rule. “My concern is how we can have sustainable economic development” while maintaining Confucian values such as respect and care for one’s parents, he said.

While I don't really agree with how its implemented, it does show that China wants to encourage family values and traditional values.

Traditional values is the original social security. it keeps families together and is more in line with human nature.
there are confucius clubs in Shanghai. People are looking to the past for meaning

Quote:“Many Chinese have forgotten about what it means to be Chinese,” Xu says. “Yet their habits and behavior reflect an ancient tradition. Rediscovering who they are is really important.”

In just two years, this small club has attracted more than fifty thousand people to its events. It's part of a larger movement in China to revive Confucian thought-from thousands of cultural centers like this one to hundreds of Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes all over the world. Cultural critic Zhu Dake is skeptical about the Confucian revival.
Quote: "One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks. But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as in China today, it can also have great advantages," wrote the influential New York Times foreign affairs columnist Thomas Friedman. "One party can just impose the politically difficult but critically important policies needed to move a society forward.

One-party autocracy works because the ruling structure is transparent and blame can be directed at one source.

It is good to see that even guys like Friedman are giving China credit.

China does not use a socialist liberal model. It's a pragmatic model based on common sense.
Quote:Earlier this month, Chinese state media reported that a 90-year-old grandmother had been forced by her wealthy son to live in a pig pen for two years. Other news stories in the country report of elderly parents being abused or neglected, images that fly in the face of the traditional concept of senior Chinese relatives being respected and well cared for by their children.

The sixth-century philosopher Confucius advocated for filial duty as a foundation of belief, thereby forging the tradition of aging parents finding comfort in the care of their children. But as China’s one-child policy has placed an increased burden on the one child, and the economy is bringing more young workers to the city for jobs, the traditional model is eroding.

"The pace and scale of demographic and social change is so great, most families simply do not have traditional options anymore, so change is inevitable," said Feng Zhanlian, a health analyst at RTI International who co-authored a study about China's rapidly aging population.

And as the country’s elderly population is expected to increase by more than double — up to 487 million — by 2053, authorities are concerned that the financial burden for caring for seniors will fall to the government.

To that end, parents in China will be eligible to sue children who are neglectful under a new law requiring children to take better care of their aging relatives. The Law for the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the Elderly goes into effect July 1, and includes visitation requirements and a stipulation that employers allow children the necessary time off.

GETTING A DAY OFF TO VISIT YOUR FOLKS! This is full support of traditional values. China is definitely ANTI-NWO
I remember hearing this actress, I think her name was Bai Lin, on the Adam Carolla podcast. She's lived in China and the US and thinks people are more free in China. She was also intelligent enough to know what she saying, so I believed it since I can see how things really are here and where they're heading. Even though I was seeing Alex Jones movies talking about how the Chinese cops steal people's organs. Lol
^ Alex Jones is entirely clueless about China.

It's totally true that China is more free. I have no reason to BS about this. I am not that fond of China, I just admire how the govt. can be so effective.
You can ask any ex-pat that has been to both places and they'll say the same thing as Bai-Ling.

It's very obvious from the first moment you touch down in Asia.
Both Alex Jones and his mentor Texe marrs repeat the lie that China is to be the model for the new world order.

China has ALREADY RELAXED the ONE CHILD POLICY.. yet Alex Jones is still talking about FORCED abortions happening on a mass scale.

he also fails to mention that All ETHNIC MINORITIES are EXEMPT from the one-child policy.
The cynical part of me says that they've figured out that they'll save millions on aged health care if they force the kids to do some voluntary amusing of the old people. They probably remain healthier if they are happier, and therefore require less care.

In the west it would probably be implemented as mandatory bed pan emptying and bed making everytime they visit.
^ yes. that is one aspect, but framing it within a confucian context bolsters the traditional value systems.

this is definitely a way to relieve the burden on govt. to take care of the elderly, but it also sends a message to people that you should respect your parents.
(03-23-2013 09:45 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]^ yes. that is one aspect, but framing it within a confucian context bolsters the traditional value systems.

this is definitely a way to relieve the burden on govt. to take care of the elderly, but it also sends a message to people that you should respect your parents.

To me, many people don't follow the traditional teachings, but it is an ideal that must be the standard.

I don't believe in penalizing people for having kids out of wedlock or not visiting their folks etc. but the MSM and the authorities have be saying the right things.. and that this is the ideal.
[Image: 6149_597955626898942_913670215_n.jpg]
^wow. There's a thought.

My mom passed away a year ago last week. I'm so glad I was able to visit her about once weekly in the nursing home. Would have done more but stay busy with my kids. She told me several times before she passed that she appreciated all the help and love I had given her.
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