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Full Version: UK Jewish Film Festival Row
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This is beyond dumb. Rather than posting the full news story, I'll give a quick breakdown.

A cinema in the North of London has hosted the Jewish Film Festival for the last eight years. The film festival has been sponsored each year by the Israeli Embassy.

Due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza the cinema has asked the people who are in control of the film festival to rethink their sponsorship, as the cinema does not want to be involved with any of the parties that are involved in the ongoing conflict.

The cinema has even offered to replace the sponsorship money with its own revenue. So they are offering to fund it themselves. The organisers of the festival have refused this offer and are now playing the victim card in the whole situation. They claim that the cinema is politicising the event.

It beggars belief that they can be so stupid, all they are doing is making people see what a victim complex they have. The cinema has clearly stated that if it was the other way round, they wouldn't accept money from the Palestinian Embassy either.

How does the Jewish community think this is going to benefit them on the wider spectrum?

That is whacky
When Jews are saying no to free money, you know world is turned on its head
interesting story.. also shows how important film is for various governments.
What is happening there right now is beyond heinous.

They are basically bombing refugee camps that they have already put in place, because Hamas refuses to bow to the lash.

What is and has been going on in the middle east is fucking disgusting, and it's all because of oil and power.

Sorry EY, the religious shit is just smoke and mirrors.

Just imagine being a middle eastern country that isn't Israel and never knowing when you're going to get the crosshairs on you and be blown to bits, all because of your resources.

Do you think that might make you a little bit mad? How about really angry?

Yeah, I would become a terrorist no question if I lived over there and self-entitled powers that be decided to blow me up once in a while, because of the petrodollar.

I would totally go apeshit, and so would everyone else here when they really thought about it.

What's happening over there is beyond fucked.
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