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Full Version: Over 65 killed, dozens injured in China metal factory blast
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Wonder what caused the blast.
China actually needs a lot more regulation.

the good thing is the govt. responds to netizen outrage.
With this and the Taiwan blasts, I could see the netizens getting a little outraged.
taiwanese see themselves as being more high class than Chinese.. but I don't think there is that much difference. both groups tend to worship mammon and cut corners.
Even in Hong Kong. Cutting corners is the cornerstone of making a profit.

In Quarry Bay (pretty nice part of HK Island) a few years ago, I was eating in an outside area and there were a few dudes there hooking up some wiring.

When they finished, they pulled the top off a couple of water drain grates and dumped all their wasted stuff into them, right in front of everybody.

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