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Full Version: Neurolinguistic Programming
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Interview with the OG:

Example of Hannity and Colmes using NLP:

Say it ain't so, Joe:

The last one is long, but good.

Everyone needs to know about NLP.
Great videos. I've recently started studying NLP and it's various applications, and find the entire subject fascinating. I have no doubt that it is very effective, or that it is being used in all aspects of the media.
Yeah, it's interesting--and powerful.

It's pretty obvious when it is pointed out, but a lot of people have no idea. Making people aware of this is one of the best things we can do to "wake them up".
I had an employee that would try using NLP on me, a shortcut kind of lazy mother fucker who has tried to steal and scam his way through life.

NLP is like hypnosis, not all are susceptible to it. Its really playing games for personal advancement and in a shifty manipulative way.
I know a few dudes that are super into NLP and they are kind of loser types looking for an easy way.

I might check out some of the videos, but don't think NLP will be something I'd look to pursue.

It's a PUA type of thing to me, not cool.
It's not that you would use it yourself, it's that it's being used against us. You and I may see it, but a lot of people don't. Once it is pointed out to them, they may be able to resist it and even mock it.

BTW, Richard Bandler is giving a broad view of the subject. The other videos are the media manipulations made possible by knowledge of psychology and communications.

Here's more on media manipulation:

Will check some out.
Bandler knows his stuff.
Learned about NLP from some PUA websites back when I was in college. I played around with it a bit but never got especially good at it. Even then I had some minor successes. I mimicked a hot chick while we were listening to our boss addressing us all (I had never met her before). She was literally the most beautiful woman I've ever met. After the guy stopped talking she came up to me and I thought she was going to berate me for mimicking her. Instead we had a pretty nice conversation. I might have been able to close the deal if I'd been better at this stuff. Another time at work I was using different NLP techniques on a different hot chick who was really depressed that day. I kept manipulating her emotions to get her in a good mood and anchored that to me, but another idiot coworker kept chiming in saying stuff that would depress her again. I do believe that these can be powerful tools even for someone who isn't very good at them.

However, once you recognize the techniques they become useless. Worse than useless in fact. I had a salesman try them on me. I was already leaning towards getting involved in the MLM scheme but he started using NLP on me to close the deal which completely turned me off to the scheme. He was extremely good at it though which is why he was such a good salesman. He even asked me later what caused me to change my mind since he thought that he was so close to closing the deal so I told him. He denied it, of course, but it was obvious to me.
This is for Mr. BRICs here.

Speaking of linguistics, Russian young people have picked up English words from using an internet dominated internet. In English we sometimes type IMHO. Russians picked it up and now write ИМХО which is a basic transliteration. Unfortunately, the meaning did not translate over. Most of the time when folks write "IMHO", they are in the middle of an argument. So the Russians decided to make up their own meaning that matched the abbreviation. They chose ИМХО - I Have an Opinion, and you can't Freaking Argue.
[Image: atkritka_1363046075_120.jpg]
^ interesting post. the techniques are easy to idenitfy. I find the techniques to be shady and manipulative. but it's useful to know them in case someone wants to use them on you.
I don't think PUA works on girls at all anymore for the most part. most girls know about the techniques and find them disingenuous. Face your own soul and find out who you really are.. and if you are satisfied with who you are, then girls will like you.
Once I figured out that most women are clinically insane I decided that it wasn't worth my time to master all the techniques that would get me laid.
girls do seem to be more emotionally volatile so yeah they seek grounding.. so cool guys have to be grounded, secure and have self knowledge.

they are trying to turn men into emotional wind up toys as well these days. pretty bad.

guys are pretty bad as well. when they meet a good girl they think it's not a challenge so they want to seek out the evil girls.
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