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Full Version: German Double Agent for America caught, arrested in Germany
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They say the guy was a German "Intel Worker" who was spying for an unnamed American intelligence service. It is suspected he was an agent for the BND, Germany's foreign intelligence service.

Merkel will probably make a statement feigning disappointment and some anger, then it's back to business as usual.

German Intel Worker Suspected Of U.S. Spying: Report


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BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel's spokesman said Friday that she had been informed of the arrest of a German man who, according to media reports, is an intelligence service employee accused of spying for the United States.

Federal prosecutors said a 31-year-old German man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of spying for foreign intelligence services. They did not identify the suspect or the intelligence services.

"The chancellor was also informed of this case yesterday," Merkel spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters in Berlin.

He declined to comment on reports by Der Spiegel magazine and the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung that the man worked for Germany's foreign intelligence service, known by its German acronym BND.

The newspapers, which didn't identify their sources, said the man was suspected of passing on information about a German parliamentary committee investigating the activities of U.S. and other intelligence agencies in Germany.

Seibert said committee members had also been informed of the arrest.

"I will have to leave the conclusions to you," he said.

Reports that the National Security Agency spied on German citizens, including on Merkel's cellphone, have caused friction between Berlin and Washington since they were first published last year, based on documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.

Martina Renner, a member of the opposition Left Party on the parliamentary panel, said the case indicated that anyone who examined Snowden's revelations in detail was subject to scrutiny by U.S. intelligence agencies.

Her panel heard testimony on Thursday from two former NSA employees, Thomas Drake and William Binney.

"If the media reports (about the case) are confirmed then there can't just be a legal response, there also has to be a political response," she said.

In his testimony, Drake claimed cooperation between the NSA and BND greatly increased after the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. He described the BND as an "appendage" of the NSA.

Seibert said Merkel discussed "foreign policy matters" in a telephone conversation with President Barack Obama late Thursday. He said the conversation focused on Ukraine but wouldn't say whether the arrest was discussed.

The U.S. National Security Council declined to comment. The BND didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.
Der Spiegel is breaking a lot of stories as of late. interesting publication.
The US gov. is falling foul of a lot of more of its former allies. Das Traitor (Merkel) will soon have to change course in her US relations, or face expulsion from office...
^ nice little play with words there brics.
Angela Merkel looks more like her father everyday.
I thought that this wouldn't shape up to be all that big of a scandal, but maybe I was wrong. The intelligence agency that had the double agents working for it was indeed the CIA, and now CIA director Brennan is going to brief congress about the matter. And what was the matter? The CIA was using a double agent to pass information on a German parliamentary group who were investigating the Snowden leaks about Germany. So the Germans were being spied on for investigating the fact that they were being spied on. Further goes to show that it's not about "if you have nothing to hide" and "if you've done nothing wrong". It really makes me wonder just how much congressmen know about what truly goes on with our intelligence services. Are they well aware, or totally clueless? Willfully ignorant? Threatened by blackmail?

Merkel now has to do something lest her citizens lose more faith in her like BRICS said. She's gonna have to put on some dog and pony show and have a sit down with Obama and Kerry again. Maybe the neutered Germans will find that satisfactory.

This admin is so uncouth in its actions. They earn the ire of the world and their own citizens more and more every day.

CIA had role in Germany spy affair
Jul 7th 2014 2:55PM



(Reuters) - The Central Intelligence Agency was involved in a spying operation against Germany that led to the alleged recruitment of a German intelligence official and has prompted renewed outrage in Berlin, two U.S. officials familiar with the matter said on Monday.

CIA Director John Brennan has asked to brief key members of the U.S. Congress on the matter, which threatens a new rupture between Washington and a close European ally, one of the officials said.

It was unclear if and when Brennan's briefing to U.S. lawmakers would take place. The CIA declined any comment on the matter.

The office of Germany's Federal Prosecutor, based in the western city of Karlsruhe, late last week issued a statement saying that a 31-year old man had been arrested on suspicion of being a foreign spy, and that investigations were continuing. The statement offered no further details.

German politicians have said that the suspect, an employee of the country's foreign intelligence service, admitted passing to an American contact details concerning a German parliamentary committee's investigation of alleged U.S. eavesdropping disclosed by Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency.

The U.S. officials who confirmed the CIA's role spoke on condition of anonymity, and offered no further details.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest declined comment on the dispute.

"The relationship that the United States has with Germany is incredibly important. This is a very close partnership that we have on a range of security issues, including some intelligence issues," Earnest said. "All of those things are high priorities not just to this administration, but to this country. So we're going to work with the Germans to resolve this situation appropriately."

Snowden's revelations last year, which included evidence that the NSA was targeting German Chancellor Angela Merkel's personal cell phone, frosted U.S.-German relations. The White House agreed to stop targeting Merkel, but rejected Berlin's pleas for a wider "no spy" pact.

The latest case risks further straining ties.

"If the reports are correct it would be a serious case," Merkel told a news conference in Beijing, standing next to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

German media reported that the suspected spy, who has not been named, had first been detained on suspicion of contacting Russian intelligence agents, but then admitted he had worked with the Americans. The suspect worked for Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, known by the German initials BND.

While historically close, U.S. intelligence ties to Germany became strained over the last year in the wake of the Snowden revelations.

Snowden took refuge in Moscow last year after leaking tens of thousands of highly classified U.S. intelligence documents to media organizations.
Given that the majority of US politicians have come out and condemned Snowden I think it's safe to assume that they know what the agencies are doing and approve.
Quote:German politicians have said that the suspect, an employee of the country's foreign intelligence service, admitted passing to an American contact details concerning a German parliamentary committee's investigation of alleged U.S. eavesdropping disclosed by Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the U.S. National Security Agency.

I suspect it was the NSA.

I think Snowden himself is aligned with the CIA.
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