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Full Version: FIFA launches Homophobia Probe against Mexico
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Bill Archer
FIFA Launches Mexico Homophobia Probe

June 19, 2014
One of the largely unwritten-about features of the Mexico-Brazil match on Tuesday was the way that Brazil fans mocked their Mexican counterparts by parroting the ugly and obnoxious "puto" goal-kick chant whenever The New Messiah, Memo Ochoa, launched the ball.

It was loud and unmistakeable, came across worldwide TV quite clearly and, since both sides were doing it, ESPN and every other broadcaster in the world - everybody uses the FIFA feed - found themselves unwillingly beaming an ugly gay slur around the globe a couple of dozen times.

Since apparently the hordes of FIFA representatives on site have hearing deficits - else they would have noticed it last Friday in the Cameroon game - FARE, the semi-official fan monitoring agency based in Europe, has filed a complaint with BlatterCo. against both groups of fans.

They've also filed a complaint against Russian and Croatian fan groups, submitting evidence of anti-semitic banners and chanting.
[Image: mexico-fan-putos.jpg]
A puto (literally "male prostitute" is a derogatory word for a homosexual male. It is perhaps the most offensive word referring to a homosexual male in Spanish.

In Mexico the usage implies a weak or gay man, for example, during soccer games, a popular cheer is screaming "puto" during the opposing team's goal kicks.
FIFA has been trying to get this stuff under control for some time now, or at least trying to seem like they are making an attempt. They've gone as far as to ban fans from attending matches. Not just one or two or a dozen fans, but all fans of certain teams from attending matches as a penalty for racism or hateful acts and speech. I've seen more than a few Serie A matches where one side of the stadium is almost totally vacant due to disciplinary actions against the club's supporters.

From what I understand, the Russian Premier League fans can be brutal against black players on their teams. Serie A fans are also known to be pretty tough on black players, such as Balotelli. Some teams are known to have large communist fanbases, while others may be fascist. Also some players have been open about their own political leanings, which can cause them to be hated or loved.

Some fans have been recruited for militant groups such as Arkan's Tigers, pictured here with Serbian paramilitary leader Željko "Arkan" Ražnatović. I've always liked this photo:

[Image: arkan.jpg]

The supporters of SS Lazio have flown many politically and racially charged banners at games, such as sunwheels, celtic crosses and other symbols. Often they will spell out exactly what their sentiments are. Here Italian fans carry a banner in support of Arkan:

[Image: 628973_lazioarkan300.jpg]

Here they honor Hugo Chavez after his death:

[Image: 163462812.jpg]

Here they make a statement about Palestine:

[Image: 12696_10151207811273087_382997694_n.jpg]

Here some antisemitic sentiment. SS Lazio was once owned by Mussolini and continues to have a group of fans who identify as fascist:

[Image: ultras_lazio_auschwitz.jpg]
Auschwitz is your nation; ovens are your homes.

The derby della capitale, a fixture between Lazio and AS Roma, is known for violence and taunting between the two team's supporters. I once saw Lazio fans unfurl a banner that translated to "Ni__ers on your team, Jews in your stands", as Roma had a few black players and a large contingent of Jewish supporters from Rome.

This documentary gives a general overview of some of the stuff that went on with the once main Lazio ultra crew, the "Irriducibili" (invincible, unbeatable).

I wouldn't say that I support this kind of stuff, but it isn't to hard to see why some fans are serious about wanting their team's racial makeup to represent the historical ethnicity of the city they play in.
I've been struggling through Greece Japan for like an hour. It's painfully boring.

Puto Di Madre!
The racism in pro sports shows the true nature of fanzine low hanging fruit eating retards

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Yeah that means you shahahahahah retard

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Also there is some big religion associated rivalries, such as the Celtic (Catholic supporters) and Rangers (Protestant supporters) in the Scottish Premier League. Here is a Vice documentary on that I've been meaning to watch.

I'm just an interested observer of all this so some of the stuff I've posted may not be totally accurate.
(06-20-2014 09:56 AM)what Wrote: [ -> ]The racism in pro sports shows the true nature of fanzine low hanging fruit eating retards

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You have to wonder if these guys put the passion they have for Football into something more productive, just what they could achieve.
Soccer is sublimated warfare. that is why people are so into it.

humans are one of the few animals that want to fight and kill each other even when their food, sex and shelter needs have been met.

humans are mostly pathetic..
"humans are mostly pathetic.."

Potential for greatness and also the flip side

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(06-20-2014 09:56 AM)what Wrote: [ -> ]The racism in pro sports shows the true nature of fanzine low hanging fruit eating retards

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American professional sports are inclusive, institutional not racist and the fan base is multi ethnic. Hockey is a white sport but I don't think as a body the NHL fan base is particularly hostile to any one.
Contrast this with say Spain's soccer fan base.

Race bating cry babies might want to consider just how what an incredibly evolved sporting environment exists in America.
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