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Full Version: Alleged Vatican Bond for 15 quadrillion dollars
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Legit? lol. Source: Ben Fulford.

[Image: C10zsrj.jpg]
[Image: the-simpsons5.png]
later that day.........................

[Image: simpsons-1.jpg]
IOR = institute of religious works. that is the name of the vatican bank.

Obviously this is bullshit.

Fulford has gone full nutty as of late.
So, people actually pay $ to read fulfords stuff on his site? That is incredible to me. The dude has always been off the deep end in my opinion. He may be burying some truth in a stew of fabrication, but man its not worth reading through to find it.
if you can wade through the bullshit, he has some good insights.. much deeper than the mainstream ones.

however at this point it's like 80% made up stuff and 20% real insight.

i think he might be nutty now.
obviously it doesn't like it was printed in the 1950's. looks like a modern day laser print out lol.

and lol @ 15 QUADRILLION dollars.
Some of his info checks out, some of it is just not possible to corroborate. Some of it is entertaining, but doubtful in its validity.
you can actually get his newsletter for free if you tell him you're broke lol.

i have no interest in the newsletter but some of his insights about the asia pacific side are interesting.

but he was one of the few guys that said the NWO was falling apart and I think that is checking out.

problem is he failed to predict Putin as one of the main anti-NWO ringleaders.

I predicted this years ago correctly
Wasn't it fulford who predicted Putin would start being held up as a world leader in the public eye? I may be wrong about fulford, but I do remember someone predicting this. I scoffed at the time and now look at the global impression of the man, he has a higher rating than Obama(which isn't hard mind you) but still, this particular tidbit of info stuck with me.
I'm not sure if it was fulford. Fulford talked about China and the black dragon society standing up against them, but he didn't mention PUTIN IIRC.

don't want to pat myself on the back but I began praising Putin years ago before it was fashionable to do so.

Putin has only gotten popular recently in the west.

People for too long thought he was A KBG commie. but the reality is he pulled a coup on the oligarch commies.
That's a Dr. Evil sum of money!
if they actually had that much money there would be no pedo scandal.

it'd be swept under the rug just like the hollywood pedo cases
This is fake, looks nothing like my own 15 quadrillion dollar bond.
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