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Full Version: Edward Snowden NBC NEWS FULL 40min INTERVIEW
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He's starting to smell bad I tells ya.

Must be that russian deodorant

seriously, haven't watched yet, I'll have a look tomorrow/fri

But to get this kind of coverage on mainstream media is a bit of a puzzle to me. No way am I going to suspect that NBC has turned to the light... so why are they interested in promoting his message?

Great thread, looking forward to hearing responses here
^ well the MSM have interviewed ASSAD, PUTIN and others.

I think they figure they can catch these guys off guard and make them look bad.
he's a very slick speaker.

very slick.
can't say I disagree with anything he says though.

the answers do seem kind of canned though. they are just too slick the responses.

perhaps he is just that intelligent?
appreciating the non-bias here at EY. Most people either pick saviour or villain right away and go to war

I think Snowden is an interesting puzzle that can possibly put a lot more into perspective. As for now it is still really blurry though

Keep vigilant!!
The most important and telling mannerisms I believe were cut out of the initial broadcast, at least half the segment was.
It's fairly accurate to say this reads like a book, and self-revealed, his expertise was intelligence.

I understand this man, and he's righteous on my account, despite perceived contrition.

It's hard in my eyes to say this man has ulterior motives, and this particular piece, between the time frame of 34:30 and 36:20 should seal it for many.
Infowars covered this video.

Video is removed.
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