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Full Version: Smoke On The Water
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Studio original for me.
I enjoyed Rolf Harris' jazzy take on the classic. Swings pretty hard. Rolf continues to surprise into the sunset years.

The live Made in Japan lp was a big seller back in '73. Every car eight track player had a copy. I was like a rule or something.
I vote for this version

That's excellent Alex. I'd like to revise the poll now.
This one gets my vote.

That's a good version Ben!
Awesome version Benwahwah!
Live In Japan! Are you fucking kidding me? Hands fucken down, ace.
(05-27-2014 09:51 PM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]Studio original for me.

x 2

Are you guys hipsters voting "studio version" to be hip? Or were you, like myself, THERE when those fucken things were out in the world? Yeah the studio version was cool…but, when LIJ came out, the album folded out and had color pictures and there was cool, new shit that wasn't on the studio album -the whammy bar false intro was epic. The studio album just became the tame version after LIJ came out.

Goddamn you all to Hell. Smile
That was a cool gatefold album cover eh. Good to roll joints off of too. The false intro to Smoke on the Water-who could forget!

I believe I only ever owned the eight track tape version though. But lots of friends had that Made in Japan lp.
Best weed around back in the early seventies was definitely Thai Stick. Occasionally some really good hash or kif would come through town. Oil was still quite rare. For the most part you were smoking hash, or you were stuck with bunk ass brick of commercial Mexican. Ten bucks an oz for the Mex. It was powder, leaf and stick with a few flowers in it if you were lucky.
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