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Full Version: Jane Campion: Film World is Sexist and Male Chauvinist
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Quote:Campion says film world suffers from 'inherent sexism'

Head of the Cannes jury Jane Campion—the only woman ever to win the festival’s top prize—on Wednesday blamed the lack of women movie makers on “inherent sexism”.

“I think you would have to say that there’s some inherent sexism in the industry,” the New Zealand screenwriter and director told reporters on the first day of the Cannes Film Festival.

“It does feel very undemocratic and women do notice. Time and time again we don’t get our share of representation,” she said, adding that men seemed to “eat all the cake”.

Campion, whose New Zealand-set movie “The Piano” about a mute pianist and her daughter won the Palme d’Or in 1993, is also one of only four women filmmakers ever to have been nominated for a best director Oscar.

Another of the four, Sofia Coppola, nominated in 2003 for “Lost in Translation”, is also on this year’s Cannes jury.

Campion added that there were so few women working in movies that it is “always a surprise for the world, when a woman filmmaker does come along you get a more feminine vision”.

The 18 films competing for this year’s Palme d’Or include only two by women directors—Japan’s Naomi Kawase (“Still the Water”) and Italy’s Alice Rohrwacher (“The Wonders”).

Last year there was one, while in 2012 there was not a single film made by a woman and only seven percent of the 1,700-odd films submitted to Cannes this year were by women.

Festival organizers say they recognize the problem but that doing anything other than selecting on merit would be an insult to women filmmakers.

Artistic director Thierry Fremaux last year told entertainment industry website ScreenDaily the lack of women was a “fundamental problem”.

But he added that it was not a battle he could “wage as a Cannes selector”.

sure honey.
Actually if a woman could make comparable works as a dude, she would get EXTRA recognition. If anything there is a handicap or bonus points for women who can just make things at a competent level with avg. professionals.

Avg. Female DJs are touted as "top class" just because they are female.

men and women excel at diff. things. Men tend to excel at creative activities. This has been shown to be true across all cultures. it is NOT a conspiracy.
People like Campion won't be satisfied until there's 100 percent parity in every imaginable way (that is, minus in inconsequential tasks like the performance of dangerous and hard labour and the many other perks that come with being a member of the fairer sex).
lets not forget its also dominated by jews.
(05-24-2014 12:08 PM)canuckster Wrote: [ -> ]lets not forget its also dominated by jews.

Do Jewish people tend to be sexist?

Or is it just that men tend to be more into movie making?

It just seems that it's something men enjoy doing more than women.
A quick look at the number of non-white leading men and leading women in films also proves that affirmative action laws don't seem to apply to Hollywood.

And then there's child labor laws. A kid can't work in a restaurant, but they can star in movies? I wonder why that is?
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