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Full Version: Attn: Hellfire Awaits
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I am purposely posting this for all to see because I want members to understand that although our forum promotes free speech and the freedom of expression, there are limits to that privilege... even here.

If you cannot make posts without referring to members of a particular race or creed with slurs such as "dot heads" or "dumb monkeys" while in disagreement with them or their demeanor, you will be moderated.

Please try to stick to arguing points rather than filling posts with inflammatory hate speech, even if you attempt to mask it with sarcasm.

The points you make and the dissertations you partake in when not reverting to the problematic activities mentioned above ARE beneficial and educational to the forum. Please understand the concern here.

This is the final warning you will receive on this issue.

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Don't make me say it again

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You are a naughty naughty boy
...Because I'm going to say this once...
And not again

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This is the last time, and I really mean it this time.
Do it once more and there may possibly be consequences, you have been warned
I am serious. I will do that.
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Who is the OP? Seriously, is it a new screen name or something ?
Also hate speech doesn't exist, the term literally means nothing, no one is inciting violence on the forum and that is where the only restriction should lie, why is he not allowed to use terms like dot head and monkey ? Are slurs banned or something ?
Does flaming exist? What about the existence of trolling on Internet forums?

Does that ever happen?

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