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Full Version: Russia: We can Block Twitter and Facebook within a Few Minutes
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“We can block Twitter or Facebook in Russia tomorrow within a few minutes,” Maksim Ksenzov, deputy head of Roskomnadzor, the telecom, IT and communications supervisory agency, said in an interview published by daily newspaper Izvestia on Friday.

“If at any point we believe that the consequences of ‘switching off’ social networks will be less significant than the damage done to Russian society by the unconstructive position of the leadership of international companies, we will do what we have to under the law,” he added.

They know what's up.
If the blocked social media in the US, the amount of suicides would skyrocket.
Narcissism would also decline.
Some of you just bend over when ever Russia whips out its cock.

Yay penis Putin and oligarchs, we take it whole up our weak sided minds and up our Russian loving anus

I mean western media blows and is corrupt but the way y'all eat this Russian shit whole like pablum makes me sick

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yeah... I'm not so sure their ability, or willingness, to shut off social media (for whatever reason) is cause to celebrate.

that's actually pretty fucked up.

what's next? alternative media w/an unflattering, or "unconstructive" position?? Dodgy
many times twitter has mocked Russians propensity to drink vodka

that is uncalled for & disrespetful
what it does show is that the highest levels of russian govt. are privy to Twitter and Facebook's connections to the US state dept as a tool of political propaganda.

in the stratfor reports they mentioned that GOOGLE has more power than the CIA in terms of state cover.
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