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Full Version: Court hears of Rolf Harris 'darker' side
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The great Rolf Harris facing child sex abuse charges.

no statute of limitations in the UK?
Statue of limitations only applies to civil Matters?

Pedos only get more pedo like as they age, that's why should never trust old peoples

Sins of the fathers should not remain unpunished irregardless of passage of time
I'm not defending Rolf, but this seems a bit odd to me. I think he is being hung out to dry as a part of some bigger agenda to raise discussion about pedophilia. Why have these victims waited so long to come out, and some of the charges are things like 'he grabbed a teenage girls buttocks', whilst the most serious alleges that he digitally penetrated one girl every once in a while over a number of years.

He could be guilty as hell for all I know, but my intuition tells me he's a patsie.
agreed. Why wait until now? pretty sure accusations have been around for decades
Plus, all of the other guys named in this sex scandal, like Jimmy Savile, were blatently obvious creeps.

[Image: jimmy-savile.jpg?w=571&h=429&...p;amp;t=27]

Rolf has always had an air of decency about him that came through to me as genuine. My BS detector is pretty good, and it's not beeping over Rolf's denial. Plus, his young niece is there to support him, if his family thought any of this had substance, I doubt we'd be seeing that. Sure, they are tricks that guilty people use all the time, but its also usually obvious that they are guilty. If Rolf breaks down and confesses all in the stand, I will happily stand corrected.

Rolf is probably being burned in order for someone else to go free. There is probably a call for people to be held accountable, so throw Rolf and a few others under the bus in order to save other, less expendable people.
yeah. he doesn't look that shady if you go by the pictures.

but in his younger years?? Hmm. I could see someone looking like that using his power to take advantage of women. But perhaps the allegations are totally overblown.

[Image: _41775822_heypresto_416.jpg]
Quote:I could see someone looking like that using his power to take advantage of women.

Women maybe, that's normal male behaviour. But kids?
i'm always suspicious when they bring out cases that allegedly happened decades ago. seems like a political hit in some ways.

people can't even decide what happened a week ago or even a year ago let alone personal incidents that happened 30 years ago!!!!

they need to encourage all VICTIMS to speak out immediately after each incident. this should be mandatory education in the schools.
Yeah, this a tough one for me too. Rolf is a pretty big deal where I come. I'd be disappointed if he turned out to be a sex offender.
I saw him when I was a kid when he was touring in Canada in the early 70's

I dunno... This is his main accuser. She seems pretty credible to me. It more than a bit heart wrenching. If only the Sandy Hook family members would have been like this in the days following the "event". This is still 30 years later for this woman.

Got me fooled and I'm 'imfoolable'.

This is well worth the watch. It lays out the case against him. It includes a number of correspondences from him where he implicates himself in the abuse.

Rolf Harris's card to alleged victim

In 1997 Rolf Harris sent a card with a "Rolfaroo" to one of his alleged sexual abuse victims and an eight-page letter to her father, begging for forgiveness for forgiveness and admitting an adult affair.

The card and letter have just surfaced in the trial of the 84-year-old entertainer in Britain, where he is facing 12 charges of indecent assault on four alleged victims.

[Image: 1405_harrisnote_sp.ashx?mw=640&m...p;bg=black]

The card, shown to the jury at Southwark Crown Court, has a cover photo of a dog with the message, "All I need to know about life I learn from my dog..."

The card, with two of Harris's signature drawings including a "Rolfaroo", was addressed to his alleged victim and ended with the words "see you soon love Rolf".

[Image: 1405_harrisnote1_sp.ashx?mw=640&...p;bg=black]

A more sombre note to the alleged victim's father admitted a sexual relationship but denied any "rape" or "physical forcing".

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