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Japan Airlines Flight 123 (日本航空123便墜落事故 Nihonkōkū 123 Bin Tsuirakujiko?) was a scheduled domestic Japan Airlines passenger flight from Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport) to Osaka International Airport, Japan. On Monday, August 12, 1985, a Boeing 747SR operating this route suffered mechanical failures 12 minutes into the flight and, 32 minutes later, crashed into two ridges of Mount Takamagahara in Ueno, Gunma Prefecture, 100 kilometres (62 miles) from Tokyo. The crash site was on Osutaka Ridge (御巣鷹の尾根 Osutaka-no-One?), near Mount Osutaka. All 15 crew members and 505 of the 509 passengers on board died, resulting in a total of 520 deaths and 4 survivors.

It is the deadliest single-aircraft accident in history, the deadliest aviation accident to occur on Japanese soil,[1] and the second-deadliest accidental plane crash, behind the Tenerife airport disaster.[2] The fatalities added to August 1985 being commercial aviation's single deadliest month for passengers plus crew, part of the single deadliest such year.

About JL123

On 12 August 1985, Japan Airlines flight JL123 (registration JA8119) took off from Haneda bound for Itami in Osaka. There was a mixture of passengers- many returning to their ancestral home for the Obon religious festival, businessmen, and families returning from Tokyo Disneyland. The passenger list also included the singer Kyu Sakamoto, the Hanshin Tigers baseball team President and one of those involved in the Glico-Morinaga scandal which had been gripping the nation for 17 months.

An explosion was heard 12 minutes into the flight as it reached about 24,000 feet. A large part of the tail broke off, severing all four hydraulic lines in the process. Many passengers began writing final messages to loved ones. The pilot tried to return to Haneda, but announced that the plane was uncontrollable and was seemingly remained unaware of the full extent of the damage to the plane other than the loss of hydraulics. The plane turned towards the mountainous area of central Japan. It finally crashed at 18:56, 32 minutes after the initial explosion. 524 crew and passengers were on board the Boeing 747. When rescue teams reached the crash site over 15 hours later - having struggled to pinpoint its location for about 10 hours - all but 4 people were dead.

Some reports suggest that a US helicopter was at the crash site only about 2 hours after the plane crashed. This helicopter was apparently directed to the site by a US forces plane which circled the site after finding it only 20 minutes after the plane crashed. Having reached the crash site, a team was apparently being winched down from the helicopter to the wreckage when they were ordered to return to base as the Japanese were going to be on-site soon after. However, this report about the helicopter has never been acknowledged by either the US or Japan at an official level.

The crash site is known officially as Osutaka-no-one (Ridge on Osutaka) or more generally as Osutaka. In fact the ridge is on another mountain. Although within the territory of Ueno village, the crash site is about 20km from the centre of the remote village in Gunma Prefecture. Today there is a memorial garden, Irei-no-sono, in the village as well as memorials at the crash site. Japan Airlines has a Safety Promotion Center which contains information and artefacts relating to the JL123 crash.

In many respects JL123 is Japan's and the aviation world's equivalent to the Titanic. It remains the world's largest single plane crash in terms of human fatalities. Question marks still surround the reason for the crash- the official cause being a faulty repair done by Boeing following an accident in 1978.

-Chris Hood
the last words spoken were "it's the end"

You can really the hear the panic in their voices.
Quote:Medical staff later found bodies with injuries suggesting that the individual had survived the crash only to die from shock or exposure overnight in the mountains.[11] One doctor said "If the discovery had come ten hours earlier, we could have found more survivors."[20]
Off-duty flight attendant Yumi Ochiai, one of the four survivors out of 524 passengers and crew, recounted from her hospital bed that she recalled bright lights and the sound of helicopter rotors shortly after she awoke amid the wreckage, and while she could hear screaming and moaning from other survivors, these sounds gradually died away during the night.

bunch of idiots.

they didn't think there were any survivors so they waited until the next day to recover bodies.
the US did not assist Japan with rescue operations.

Some insiders insist that this was an inside job meant to warn or blackmail Japan to sign the Plaza Accords which would later directly lead to the Japanese bubble.
(05-12-2014 03:33 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]the US did not assist Japan with rescue operations.

Some insiders insist that this was an inside job meant to warn or blackmail Japan to sign the Plaza Accords which would later directly lead to the Japanese bubble.

According to some others, the US was the first on the scene, but the Japanese Govt would not allow them to be the ones to START the rescue operation. This apparently led to the death of nearly 200 passengers who died of hypothermia and exposure.
that's possible. It's just a fishy incident all around. KAL007 was another fishy one.

It's just heartbreaking to know that their could have been a lot more survivors.

It's also pretty amazing how you can crash head on into a mountain and have a sizeable number of survivors.
there is not much info available in english but here is a quote from the not always reliable Fulford:

Quote:BENJAMIN FULFORD: American Black Ops in Japan are Starting to be Exposed ... down JAL flight 123 in 1985 –killing over 500 people- in order to force Japan to sign the Plaza Accords
[Image: jal123.jpg?w=300&h=225]
one of 4 survivors:

[Image: 9eeab1a6bd4b2f49a36ca559ffab1326.jpg]
(05-12-2014 04:50 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]one of 4 survivors:

[Image: 9eeab1a6bd4b2f49a36ca559ffab1326.jpg]

this is kawakami keiko, the 12 year old girl, who was found in a tree above the crash.
Quote:This is a documentary TV program after 15 years of the accident JAL 123. Please watch this video on YOUTUBE from about 40:20. This part is in English from the president of Celeris Aerospace Canada Inc., Mr. Stephen Hall who analysed the Flight Recorder of JAL 123 has a different view about its accident now.

In general a Flight Recorder will not be opened to the public, but after 15 years, they opened JAL123′s Flight Recorder to react people’s doubts and criticism in the year of 2000, of course for a cover-up. It failed. Specialists found out they deleted the record partially and altered it. For example, there was a quite strange, unnatural conversation between flight attendant and a pilot. After they analysed it, that cannot be conversation, it was just joined together by an alteration. The original Flight Recorder of JAL123 was destroyed by JAL. Anyhow one thing was very sure that the Flight Recorder of JAL123, there was NO DECOMPRESSION.

shadiness all around.
(05-12-2014 04:36 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]It's just heartbreaking to know that their could have been a lot more survivors.

It's also pretty amazing how you can crash head on into a mountain and have a sizeable number of survivors.

Much of the fuselage was intact. 2 of the other survivors were found within and didn't spend much time in the hospital.
7 survivors intially reported.. but ended up only being 4. wonder what's going on here? shadiness all around.

[Image: nikkei.jpg]
Quote:Mr.Kunio SASOU (佐宗邦皇)who was a elite employee of JAL researched about the accident of JAL Flight 123 for long years, insisted that it was a political plot with the matter of PLAZA ACCORD (September 1985) with USA in his lecture on 7 August, 2009. Next day, on 8 August 2009, when he was at his lecture in Tokyo, as soon as he drunk green tea ( from a plastic bottle ‘oooi ocha’/photo below), he fell down. An participant picked up the green tea bottle immediately, but several men tried to snatch it with fierce looks (they can be public safety commissioners as peopole say). Mr.SASOU was hospitalized and he passed away at 11 a.m. on 9 August 2009.

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