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Full Version: $ Joe Rogan Forum Is Hiring Shills For Onnit Labs
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TL/DR version Rogan is in cahoots with this conman named Aubrey Marcus(formerly Chris Marcus), and they sell something called "Alpha Brain"(hahahahah). Trying to pimp it on his own forum, Aubrey and Joe had no success and Aubrey sent in shills to infiltrate the forum and give positive reviews on the item, and drown out opposition.


So on the podcast Joe had this guy named Aubrey Marcus. Talked about the usual, Ayhascua (however the hell you spell it) trips in South America, yada yada. The guy runs a supplement company, and one of his items is called "Alpha Brain". Joe is giving this guy his financial backing and endorsement and now when referring to this company speaks of it as "we are doing this, we are doing that".

I wander back to the forum for the first time since about 09 or so the other day and see this guy signs up for the forum and tries to market it to people. He flips out when people don't buy it and the crap he says, starts cursing and telling them that they have tiny dicks and are fat So people start doing research on the guy and his product.

First of all, the dude....he runs 30+ other websites and shit, including marketing for the fleshlight, which is what sponsors Rogan's podcast. "Alpha Nail polish" for men, "Alpha shirts" etc. Talk about fake gold mining companies. Turns out one of his websites is a known phishing site. He denies that he has any activity with it anymore, and a "hacker" took it over. He is busted for lying for because he was soliciting help for it on twitter long after the date he said he stopped using it. Turns out he is a trust fund baby, whose dad has tens of millions of dollars, and the "science expert" who endorses the product with him that he touts on his website is none other than....his mom. And she isn't a doctor, but a naturopath and homeopath who specializes in eastern herbs or some shit. Turns out his "Onnit Labs" isn't really a lab, and he wouldn't reveal where the stuff comes from(I think he eventually said Vancouver). There is no company address, no scientists either.

The product.... there is absolutely no science backing it, and the guy has no idea what he was talking about. He was chewed up and spit out by the people there. He says he will run testing on it in the future, which of course caused people to respond with "aren't you supposed to do that first?". He includes L-Dopa in it, which messes with people's dopamine(happy drug...why we like beating off and snorting coke so much), and is a drug which is given to people with Parkinson's. It is apparently available only by subscription, but he found a loophole around it with this herb that creates it. Too much dopamine you become schizo, too little almost comatose. Supplementing can damage your body's receptors and regulation of this. This is serious shit he messing with. He was even called out for being a quack by someone working in Yale neurobiology in an article. His response he added to his faq according to his "science adviser"?

Many of the few dolts who actually bought it got sick on it, want their money back..."customer service" (some dude named "Barry" or some shit ) never answered them back for like 3 weeks after making dozens of posts(of course Joe and Aubrey ignored those). Aubrey responds by changing the formula and basically saying it is a work in progress....Dude is capitalizing with Rogan on fucking with people's brain chemistry and using them as guinea pigs when he has no idea what he is doing. Fuck them.

Then, THEN! After this guy is getting destroyed from all angles, by people who understand the science behind this far better than I do, people who chastise his shady past and other businesses and marketing practices, Rogan swoops in, ban hammer falls on multiple people, and a bunch of 1 post people come in saying how great this stuff is, and they never post again. Everyone's suspicion goes up, and then...

hahahahaha. So fucking outrageous. Joe is STILL defending this guy, and calling people ****s who disagree with him. Now some guy who is Onnit's "Science Advisor" has joined the board, and he is answering questions that Aubrey couldn't....except he isn't answering anything either...probably because he is a facebook intern who doesn't know shit. But Joe has stickied the thread. It is hilarious. This is after a 160 page initial thread, and a 30 page second try. All fails. Now this is their new angle. It really goes even farther than what I wrote. Default there is 20 posts a page. 160 + 30 + 30 in the new one...you do the math. The exchanges are priceless. Epicness in those threads that bests "Me and mah boys at UFC 56" from Sherdog.

Quote:Aubrey Marcus - CEO Onnit.com

Onnitâ„¢ is an Austin based health and fitness optimization company targeted toward improving peak performance. With the feedback of top doctors and professional athletes Aubrey created unique nutritional supplement combinations, functional foods, and innovative fitness products that with the support of friend and business partner Joe Rogan have placed Onnitâ„¢ at the top of the list of fastest growing brands in the industry.

Rogan has looked more and more shilly to me as the years have gone on.

with how popular his podcast is I don't see why they would need to resort to using internet shills?

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Are you on the RB breh?
I think you can increase IQ by maybe 10-20% from your natural baseline.

This would involve doing mental exercises and getting the right nutrition/exercise.

Fatty fish, salmon eggs etc.

i do not think some type of pill product can increase your IQ. I think brain training games work too. it sharpens your mind.
Can I be a shill
I bought a bottle of Now Foods levodopa once. It does make you sharper for about a week or so, but after that your dopamine levels drop back to the baseline. So you might as well drink coffee, you will develop tolerance to it just the same, but it's cheaper and tastes better.
I haven't been on the Rogan boards for a long time, but Joe has been a big pusher of Nootropics for a long time. This isn't very surprising to me.
I have an account there but don't know if I ever posted.

Dark background/light text forums don't work for me.
(05-12-2014 11:35 PM)Winnson Wrote: [ -> ]I have an account there but don't know if I ever posted.

Dark background/light text forums don't work for me.
I don't believe I've actually made a post there either. I signed up because some guy on there had a thread about living out of his car that I found out about on the OG and wanted to check it out.
I actually like Rogan's stand-up, despite a majority of people not agreeing.

Like Winnson, I have an account there but don't think I've ever used it.

Seemed like he was on the right path until recently.

First, having Mick West on his show to promote his propaganda.

Now he's working with people like Aubrey Marcus to sell questionable products to susceptible audiences.

I've tried numerous 'alpha brain' systems and just about every supplement for improved brain functioning you can think of over the last 20 years.

99.9% of these systems and products are little more than a scam.

Take some fish oil, eat right, and meditate for 20 minutes day and you'll see results far beyond what any of the latest 'self improvement' scams will do.

It's sad because 'conspiracy theorists' have become a big target for these people.

For example, there's a series of videos called 'Holographic Disclosure' that is entirely centered around selling one of these subliminal alpha brain systems.

Reeling you into a lot of interesting material, for seemingly altruistic purposes, and then going for the hard sale.

But I'm going to give an opinion that appears to be a somewhat universal truth.

Even if you were to learn how to use 50% of your brain, it would most likely do nothing but make you more miserable.

Why not just learn what you already are and slowly learn to be perfectly okay with whatever that is?

The message of all these scams are, "You are an incomplete, unworthy person. I have something that will fix you!".

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

The good news is that you can do something today that will cost you absolutely nothing...sit in silence for 20 minutes.

Do this everyday for 3 or 4 months and you'll begin to realize that you don't anything to make you happy.

This is more powerful than any self-improvement or alpha brain system that does nothing other than reinforce the idea that something is wrong with you.

Just the ego engaging in more egoic pursuits.

"If I(ego) can fix my brain, I will get everything I've ever wanted and more".

This is the nonsense of the ego and it's something that every decent salesman and advertising agency knows how to manipulate.

Just some thoughts.
devastating post by DEAN!

i think Rogan is a good guy but people around him are probably encouraging him to do this.

it's hard to say no to friends.

also he does seem to be distancing himself from the CT world.
Rogans is just as bad if not worse iMo, he knows he had sheep listening & believing his every word as gospel fact, he is deliberately exploiting that trust, his other scam artist partners are at least just targeting the gullible rather than folk that look up to them for their direction in life, he is like a priest molesting a innocent worshipper in that regard
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