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Full Version: NWO media blames Confucianism For Korean Ferry Disaster
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Quote:Could Koreans’ Confucian culture, with its emphasis on deference to authority, be the true culprit? This was the argument put forth by many news outlets.

CNN: “What this culture prizes in its children, in its students, is obedience. And so, when they were told to stay put by an adult, of course they would stay put.”

The Dallas Morning News: “If that was a boatload of American students, you know they would have been finding any and every way to get off that ferry.”

Reuters: “Many of the children did not question their elders, as is customary in hierarchical Korean society. They paid for their obedience with their lives.”

New Yorker
patently ridiculous.

Americans would have done the same thing. and the simple fact is 100+ people did not follow orders and escaped.

Americans bow down to authority, IMO moreso than other groups.

Confucianism is also a target of attack for the NWO as it is basically secular catholicism.
also I love the double standards that the media employs.

Imagine blaming judaism or talmudism for certain incidents regarding jews.

Yet asians are judged wholesale by the treacherous NWO media.

Know their methods.

Evil abounds.
Koreans are famous for bowing down to authority no matter what though.

A big reason that mall collapsed in 1995 was because no one would dare tell the CEO that what he wanted couldn't be done, so hundreds of people died.
This is just a human trait period.

The Stanley Milgram experiments proved that ordinary americans would shock a man to death if the authorities wearing lab coats encouraged them to.

I don't see this as being due to Confucianism.
Try that shit with a Scandinavian fren.
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