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Full Version: Happy Beltane Everyone
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I wonder how the NWO will celebrate this highly significant occult date?

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it's world COMMIE/NWO day!!!


founding date of the ILLUMINATI

world workers day!
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Happy Marx Day!
To you too, Redneck!

The eve of Beltane is actually a little more significant. Along with Halloween, it's said to be the day where the barrier between Earth and the spirit world is at it's thinnest, with magick rituals tending to be significantly more effective. The Pagan God associated with the day is Baldr/Belus/Belenus/Apollo...the male sun God.

From the Edda:
Quote:The second son of Odin is Baldr, and good things are to be said of him. He is best, and all praise him; he is so fair of feature, and so bright, that light shines from him. A certain herb is so white that it is likened to Baldr's brow; of all grasses it is whitest, and by it thou mayest judge his fairness, both in hair and in body. He is the wisest of the Æsir (the principal Norse Gods), and the fairest-spoken and most gracious; and that quality attends him, that none may gainsay his judgments. He dwells in the place called Breidablik, which is in heaven; in that place may nothing unclean be.
(05-02-2014 02:26 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ][Image: MayDay_Poster_2011.jpeg]

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Quote:According to 17th century historian Geoffrey Keating, there was a great gathering at the hill of Uisneach each Beltane in medieval Ireland, where a sacrifice was made to a god named Beil.

Baal Zebub
i'm sure all kinds of gay sex was had.
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Quote: The Baal Cult was associated with the Bull. Baal's story is recounted in the Baal Myth, which concerns a crisis in the Autumn Equinox. He was the god who died and rose again. Clearly this is a reference to the Dawning of the Age of Taurus on September 21st 4468BCE (using the Gregorian Calendar).
Unfortunately, as the original Sacred meaning of his myth was lost Baal became the seasonal god of vegetation, dying in the Autumn and having his resurrection in the Spring. This resulted in the Beltane Festival being held in Spring instead of Autumn. A Spring resurrection displays a total misunderstanding of the original stellar myth. (It was from the god Baal that the name Beltane is derived. More on this later.)

Thanks guys, I had an amazing day. Finally got a new med card today, the visit with the naturopath was inspiring for a change, out of the ordinary. The terrible pain from my tooth extraction was gone this morning as well after a week of suffering I finally feel myself again. It was a beautiful, summer-like day, easily the nicest of the year, and I was able to obtain a supply of Congolese; a very potent strain of pure sativa. Wish I could Maypole dance in Tasbapauni at a Sambo Big Drunk. I'm that hyped!
I like Sativa better than Indica for sure. I'll get my med card for $60 this week. Happy Beltane!
Good move, I was without a card for two weeks and had a tooth extracted at the same time. Rough times for me.

Enjoy your med card eh!
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