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Full Version: OK to be prejudiced vs prejudiced people or discriminate vs anti-semites/gays?
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Is it OK to be prejudiced against prejudiced people... or discriminate against/persecute anti-semites/anti-gays/etc???
there is a strong biological basis to a lot of bigotry and prejudice.

it's natural to not like what is unlike yourself. But through education you can kind of overcome this.

What I don't get is why western society treats people like lepers just for holding certain opinions.

if you beat up or target groups you don't like then you should get punished. I feel people should have a right to their opinions.

The workplace must protect free speech. Free speech doesn't matter if they can fire you over this stuff.

also nice to see you here. How is your forum doing?
there are 2 types of racism/prejudice.

One type is where you just want to be left alone with your own kind. this is passive racism or even just personal preference.

the other type is where you actively go out and hunt people due to their skin color.. examples include the knockout game where black youths targeted white people.

regarding hiring, I believe every employee hires and fires based on race and gender. I feel private businesses should be able to hire whoever they want.

public jobs should be free from any type of discrimination or prejudice as they are being funded by the wider populace.
there is a higher biological basis for homophobia through twins studies then there is for homosexuality.

people should ponder this.

under liberal logic, racists can't help it. it's in their blood.

even with pugs.. pugs like to play with other pugs. I've seen it.

it's biological.
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