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Full Version: New York Instructional on how to react to a Home Invasion
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Another gun nut trying to make a joke I see. Let me explain how to defend against a home invasion:

Proper home invasions defense starts with a crack security team. Ex Mossad agents preferably, who work around the clock watching your back.

You also need to fortify your home against threats. Guarded gate, cameras, bullet proof windows, panic room, and things of that nature.

Police response time is critical. Make sure you live in a area where the average home value is at least 5 million dollars because cops give them preferential treatment.

You see, defending against a home invasion is easy. You NRA nuts are just paranoid.

- Michael Bloomberg
source of the pics?
it's a satire pic. No source.
I have a dachshund that would sound the alarm, I have some serious short order weapons lying around that would finish any home invader. My home isn't one you'd want to break into or invade, it would be major beat down time
what's a short order weapon?
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