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Full Version: 21st Century Tolerance and Liberalism
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Above and beyond:

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White people ROR

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She should get a job at the university of Stockholm.
I failed a course on how to teach ADD kids. Yet, out of 800 students there is only one I have problems with.
By looking at her, I can't tell which one is her biological child.
Yellow teeth, she's a two packet of cigarettes a day girl, that monkey going to huffing & puffing climbing those branches, won't make a very good helper monkey iMo
So what is your solution EY?

If not Tolerance and Liberalism, what should be 'done' with her?

I sure as hell wouldn't try to tell her what to do, that's for sure lol
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I bet she hates white men and teaches a womans studies course at some community college.
(04-19-2014 12:23 AM)Gimp Wrote: [ -> ]By looking at her, I can't tell which one is her biological child.

Oh Snap Son!

I think it's safe to say we have gone full retard, but I guess it's not safe to say that because it's offensive to retards.
[img][Image: Kuniyoshi_Old-Buddhist.jpg]
Well, people are mostly monkey anyway. We all bleed red. People also oppress monkeys and have stolen their land. I won't even get into the grotesque ongoing practice of monkey apartheid. I applaud this courageous, noble woman for giving back.
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