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Full Version: Art student named Kayvon behind Boston backpack bomb hoax
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Today is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings, and despite tensions running high in our city, one art student decided to make a mockery of the day by dropping off backpacks along Boylston Street a few hours ago. Those backpacks were detonated by police around 9 p.m. local time. after authorities secured the area in Back Bay.

Details are still emerging, but word is police have allegedly arrested a man named Kevin “Kayvon” Edson, a Wakefield native and student at Massachusetts College of Art. Back in December, Edson released the video (half performance art, half shitty synth-pop song), and posted it to Lady Gaga’s Facebook wall. In the clip, it appears he is wearing the same “witch costume” and black veil Edson wore today on Boylston Street.


this is what happens when you read too much existential bullshit.
Madness is common amongst savants. It's the price they pay for blessing us with beautiful art. We can only hope the judge understands this, and is merciful towards Kayvon.
Idiot Savant???!!!
Typical big male Lady Gaga fan.
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