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Full Version: How much cash does this black man deserve?
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25 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit

[Image: 655734-9692b428-bf78-11e3-83a0-0b9b92f13dc1.jpg]
From the day of his 1989 arrest in a deadly New York City shooting, Jonathan Fleming said he had been more than 1,000 miles away, on a vacation at Disney World. Despite having documents to back him up, he was convicted of murder.

Prosecutors now agree with him, and Fleming left a Brooklyn court as a free man Tuesday after spending nearly a quarter-century behind bars.

Fleming, now 51, tearfully hugged his lawyers as relatives cheered, "Thank you, God!" after a judge dismissed the case. A key witness had recanted, newly found witnesses implicated someone else and prosecutors' review of authorities' files turned up documents supporting Fleming's alibi.

"After 25 years, come hug your mother," Patricia Fleming said, and her only child did.

"I feel wonderful," he said afterward. "I've always had faith. I knew that this day would come someday."

The exoneration, first reported by the Daily News, comes amid scrutiny of Brooklyn prosecutors' process for reviewing questionable convictions, scrutiny that comes partly from the new district attorney, Kenneth Thompson. He said in a statement that after a monthslong review, he decided to drop the case against Fleming because of "key alibi facts that place Fleming in Florida at the time of the murder."

From the start, Fleming told authorities he had been in Orlando when a friend, Darryl "Black" Rush, was shot to death in Brooklyn early on Aug. 15, 1989. Authorities suggested the shooting was motivated by a dispute over money.

Fleming had plane tickets, videos and postcards from his trip, said his lawyers, Anthony Mayol and Taylor Koss. But prosecutors at the time suggested he could have made a quick round-trip plane jaunt to be in New York, and a woman testified that she had seen him shoot Rush. He was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison and was due to have his first parole hearing soon.

I say 10 million dollars. That is a fair amount for something like this.
He should get everything the judge has. At the very least.
Racist motherfuckers.
Jewnited Skanks of Israel. Been keepin the black man down since 177666.

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*wrong thread
(04-12-2014 06:49 PM)Som-Pong Wrote: [ -> ]He should get everything the judge has. At the very least.
Racist motherfuckers.

This would be real accountability.
(04-12-2014 06:47 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]I say 10 million dollars. That is a fair amount for something like this.

400k a year sounds fair.
Out of the judges pocket first, then the prosecutor.
25 years of his life wasted over some fake bullshit.

race was probably involved in this.
Probably? smh only place I can possibly feel like Fraser.
You can't put a dollar value on something like that. A much better prize would be to fix the corrupt system.
Ten million seems okay.
You only get one life to live that we know of.. This man spent a significant portion of his life locked up.. His prime years... No amount of money is worth that but 10 million is a good start...
Hmmmm…26 year old American, black guy gets put in jail…(no surprise there).

But….25 years goes by and now he should get 10 million?

Chances are that he would have spent time in jail, anyway, regardless of whatever crime he would have done -26 year old black guy? Come on. Smile

But seriously….There's lots of people in jails all over the world who shouldn't be there. All those third world jails and shit?….right? But this one ______ in America gets the spotlight? Why? What about Gupash in that jail in that little town no one ever heard of? He never took that chicken! But he's getting his hands chopped off in the morning, anyway. Uh-oh. Should there be an outrage over it?

I believe that every now and then, the media picks a poster child and rallies around them -just for the sake of inciting some kind of "outrage".

Newsflash: The Whole World Is Fucked! America is in the world crosshairs right now and Obama is the current bull's-eye. In other words, We SUCK! Wink Just look at how fucked up we are! Smile

Nobody is truly good in any society. Most people are at least partially bad. And when you put people together with people and concentrate them, they will bump into each other and get angry and start doing shit.

Let the guy write a book about how "the man" stuck it to him and let him make his ten million that way.

Fuck…as far as that goes…Give ME ten million for saving a drowning man back in the days when I was a lifeguard! I saved the man's life! I never even got a "Thank You" card!
It was David Milgaard's story back in Canada too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Milgaard

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