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Full Version: NEW SHOCKER: FBI report indicated that Hitler fled to Argentina.
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conspiracy theorists pretty much right again.

Props to redneck for calling this early on the OG to jeers and laughter.

Tards are gonna tard.
do people know how big this is?

this is HUGE.

history will have to be rewritten!
This is definitely interesting.

So Hitler, upon realizing he was going to lose the war, ending up outsmarting everybody?
This is intense

How long has this been up on the site?

I can't imagine why they would post this publicly Huh
supposedly just since the beginning of this year.

To me this is current best accepted theory for what happened to hitler.

there is ZERO PHYSICAL PROOF he died in a bunker.
I wish I could read some of the hand written letters. Sloppy as hell. But at least I can read cursive.

Side note. You know they do not teach that in schools anymore?
of course this is still "speculation" but I feel this should be the current best accepted theory.
EY, how do you know this was posted "just since the beginning of this year"?

Why would they post such files?

There is SO much about the 'official story' of WWII that is wrong imo... everyone was so happy war was over they would believe just about anything they were told by the 'winners'. If they said Hitler dies wearing a bunny costume, they would have likely believed it, lol

There was no internet for anyone to debate or fact-check, the whole world was given a fairytale and EVERYONE ate it up/went straight to the collective subconscious.

It still amazes me how much power the elites had pre-internet to control history, and what people think/believe.
^ it's hard to say why they posted it. Perhaps they want people to know. perhaps they want people to be talking about Hitler again. who knows.

Josef Stalin also thought Hitler escaped to Argentina:

As Josef Stalin said at the Potsdam Conference: “Hitler is not dead. He either escaped to Spain or Argentina.
[Image: dump_4.gif]

This is in those files too though. There's a lot of stuff there.
[Image: ihavepositiveproofthath.jpg]
Funny, I immediately got voted down on the OG for stated a historical fact.

Tough crowd to please over there.

Josef Mengele, the father of MkUltra mind control, fled to Argentina after the war as well.

Not sure what the big deal is investigating claims that Hitler might have escaped there as well.

I guess people don't like the idea that they might not have been told the truth in high school.
^ you see how hysterical they are acting?

a lot of historians doubt the official story of hitler dying in a bunker.

also scientist discovered the physical proof of hitler's remains were really that of a 40 year old woman.


the OG has gone full retard.
History get rewritten all the time

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