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Full Version: Doctor jailed for amputating ex's penis
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Jail for ordering fiance's penis amputation

[Image: 0404_castro_sp.ashx?h=360&w=640]

A doctor has been jailed for six years after she ordered a gang to chop off her fiance's penis when he ended their relationship three days before their wedding

Myriam Priscilla Castro, 34, was accused of ordering the gruesome attack after being outraged at her former partner Wendel Souza.
Allegedly, with the help of her dad, the respected doctor from a wealthy family in Juiz de Fora in Brazil is said to have hired three men who snatched Mr Souza the week after the planned wedding and used a knife to slice off his penis, The Mirror reports.

His house was also burned down and his car wrecked.
Mr Souza's brother, who was with him at the time of the attack, was said to have fainted after witnessing the scene in 2002.
Castro was said to have gone on the run from authorities, working in a small town as a family doctor and even marrying in 2012 before she was arrested outside her home this week.

She has been taken to Estevao Pinto women's prison in Belo Horizonte to serve her six-year sentence, although her lawyer said in a statement that Castro maintains her innocence and will appeal.

Females gonna female

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Can't imagine why he left her.
She has a nice butterfly tattoo
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.....LOL. Even though she's smart enough to be a doctor, she engages in this vindictive, childish, irrational behaviour. The betas who helped her are even dumber. Did they think they would get some by helping her with this brain dead revenge plan? It's my theory that all criminals, even the most violent, are betas or gay anyway. That's why they break the man code of honour and engage in down low behaviour on the inside....Angry
lol thai cut.
the metaphors abound

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common practice here. when threatened I always say that I will be a monk again. I had quesedillas, when a woman [pays/ solly pjutin drunk postin again, i like u but you need a good punchin
I'd pay to see her and Jodi Arias go down on each other.
cleavage was missing in the first pic, bish is hot

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A little while after I started going out with my wife the Lorena Bobbit case was all the rage and she couldn't understand what the big deal was.

I tried to explain the she cut off the dude's penis and threw it away outside.

She tried to explain that in China women cut off dudes' dicks all the time and flush them down the toilet so there's no chance of sewing it back on.

My wife thought Lorena Bobbit was an idiot that clearly didn't know what she was doing in the dick cutting off game.

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Id bang her and then run away

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6 years for amputating a penis?

is this world serious?
I've amputated mine several times by accident, it's no big deal, certainly any more
just to be clear, this woman hacked off the penis

Amputate - cut off (a limb), typically by surgical operation:
amputation |ˌampyəˈtāSHən | noun
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