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Full Version: Albuquerque police murder another man
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A mere nine days after essentially executing a homeless man for illegally camping in the Sandia foothills, police in Albuquerque are again being accused of murdering someone in cold blood.

Last night, APD officers engaged in a one-sided standoff with 30-year-old Alfred Redwine after a neighbor made a call alleging he was pointing a gun at someone.

Several witnesses and family members say, however, that Redwine never threatened anyone, but that upon exiting an apartment to greet officers with a gun held to his own head, “..police officers shot and killed him without giving him a chance to surrender,” according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Prior to gunning Redwine down, police had his sister speak with him over the phone as a means of getting him to exit the apartment, where he was held up with two of his nephews.

Wynema Gonzagowski, a neighbor who witnessed the events unfold, recounted the story to The Journal:

“She (the sister) tells him (a police officer) ‘I’ve got my brother on the phone. I’m talking to him. He wants to come out. He’s scared. He’s going to send the boys out and then he’s going to follow them out.’”

“…She (the sister) kept telling her brother over and over ‘They’re not going to shoot you, they’re not going to shoot you. They’re not going to hurt you.

“The cop tells her (the sister) to tell him to drop the cell phone, so obviously the cop knew he had a cell phone in his hand. She (the sister) starts to tell him (the suspect) to drop the cell phone, and the cop grabs the phone out of her hand and hangs it up. He hung it up. He could have talked with the guy and told the guy himself to drop the cell phone, but he (the cop) hung up.”

“Not even a minute later, they just shot him,” another neighbor recalled, noting he had heard family members “begging” officers not to kill Redwine. “I didn’t expect this to happen, for them to shoot him right away.”

Redwine’s sister, Tammy, said a police lieutenant had reassured her they would rely on non-lethal options to subdue him. “I watched him fall. As I saw him fall, I could see his shirt turning red, and I knew the lieutenant lied to me,” Tammy told The Journal. “They used live rounds.”

To make matters worse, APD police chief Gordon Eden, barely in his second month at the department, is also being accused of lying about how the events unfolded. In an early morning news conference today, the police chief claimed the suspect shot at officers and that, in fear for their lives, they shot back, an account disputed by witnesses and video footage of the event.

Lol wow again?

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its gotten to the point where these motherfuckers are just looking for any excuse to shoot and kill. to serve and protect my ass.
The situation with the police reminds me of the situation with the redcoat soldiers occupying Boston before the revolutionary war. We increasingly see them as a hostile occupying force and their actions may well contribute to an uprising.

We pay these guys to occasionally put themselves in potentially dangerous situations and they sign up knowing that, yet they are taught to use lethal force if someone as much as sneezes in their general direction.

The militarization of the police and police aggression is so out of control that they are becoming more like occupying armies than your friendly protect and serve neighborhood patrolman. The military / police / authority worship programming Americans were indoctrinated with after 9/11 is in part responsible for things becoming this way.
Shoot 'em all and let God sort 'em out, we ain't got time for that shit.

But why did he greet them with a gun to his head? That's a little foolish.
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this stuff concerns the entire world. if the US is to head the global order, the cops in the future will all follow this model.

this is why everyone should care about what happens in the US.
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