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Full Version: Video found of young Senor asking for cupcakes
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Guy should have been a lawyer, I would have given him the damn cup cakes, convinced me

The gestures as he is delivering his spiel are brilliant for committed effect.

Such a great age is 3, just start putting stuff together to make your case. My youngest is like this, he's learned from his brothers how to be convincing
Godamnit linda just listen

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Makes for an adorable 2 minute video. But if you had to deal with that everyday, you'd want to drop kick that brat through a window.
Hoe wouldn't listen tho

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Not sure if the kid was in the right but he destroyed Linda in the debate.

Linda knew she was beaten and had to resort to physical threats.
Did he say to his mom, "Linda, honey, listen"
Way with words & body language at a young age, he will slay the poosay when he's older, a natural
lol. He definitely said that superCalo.

The kid's gonna be quite the Casanova when he gets older.
Throw away your text books. This little Mexican has the verbal intelligence far surpassing the Jew.
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