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Full Version: Pred. Programming: Bastard Lionel Richie Conditioning Teachers To Sex Students
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That dance instructor is also trying to get a piece of the blind girl. Not that I blame either of them, she's very attractive.
this is a good song creepy video
this is a good song creepy video

Lionel Richie is a devout Christian.

Of course Wiki fails to mention it.
I love this song I thought he was a college professor in the video
I like Lionel Ritchie but this isn't one of my favorite.

Hello always came off as a bit creepy.

But Ritchie has written a number of near-perfect love songs like "Stuck on You", "Sail On", and "Easy Like Sunday Morning".

He's really good at what he does.

Didn't he get in trouble for stalking somebody a few years back?
lmfao. this video is creepy beyond belief
[Image: tumblr_ms9216XD761s2b98qo1_400.jpg]
I still love this song the video just makes it that much better
hey public you a stalker type?
Not sure if this helps, but I just listened to this song real quick.

To "stalkerish vibe" most likely comes from the verse and chorus being centered around minor chords...which would be considered a bit odd for a love song.

The two main culprits being A minor, first chord of the verse, and D minor, first chord of the chorus.

The chorus also ends in A minor.

Most love songs center around major chords and use minor chords for emotional impact.

This song takes the exact opposite approach...confusing listeners on how to feel about it. Huh
(04-14-2015 04:50 PM)EVILYOSHIDA Wrote: [ -> ]hey public you a stalker type?
I only cyber stalk
I like the bust of caveman Richie she makes at the end (4:57). I hope whoever actually did make that monstrosity for this video was blind for real, otherwise there is no excuse.
Still love this video
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