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Full Version: Strange Universe Radio... Anyone Listen?
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Ladies and germs...

Does anyone listen to Strange Universe Radio? Or are you familiar with Dr. Sean Morton?

He's got quite the resume. Written books, appeared countless times on Coast to Coast, directed films and written screenplays. Anyway, I'll be interviewing him next week, and wanted to know if anyone had any questions they might like asked of him. Here's an interview he did with John B. Wells a little over a month ago on his show:

I listened to a few of his shows with ben Fulford.

Can you ask him what he truly thinks about Ben Fulford?

I listened to his show a few times, but didn't find anything that unique about him.
Ooh, good question! I'll definitely ask. Did he have him on more than once? I remember once in I think 2012.
he showed up on Morton's show maybe 3-4 times IIRC.

He was really hugging ben's nuts! lol.

Now that you have some experience interviewing people I think you should turn up the heat. Start asking people some tough questions. see how they respond.

"soviet/cold war = fake show designed to sell weapons" -BFulford

"china considers North Korea a US colony" - BFulford

"there are 2 CIAS" - BFulford

For all the bullshit ben spews.. he still has some of the juiciest info if you know how to cull the bullshit.
What has Fulford been up to lately? Haven't heard anything from him for awhile.
And sorry for the late replies, finals coming up next week at school so I've been getting my ass kicked between studying and work, haha.
Going to be talking to Sean in a couple hours' time!
you interviewing him now?
Finished a little earlier, attempting to upload to YouTube now (though that's always a task in itself). If you've got iTunes, it's on there, otherwise I'll post the link here in a bit.

Pretty cool dude, very easy to talk to. Had some Skype issues toward the end, and eventually ended up being cut off completely, he messaged me and said 'we'll, that's the government for sure,' haha.
He had some reeaalllyy interesting things to say about the missing Malaysian flight. It took up the first third or so of the conversation.
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