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Full Version: Ossie slapper women attacking old blind aborignal man on bus
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(02-28-2014 04:43 PM)GMB13 Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-28-2014 11:52 AM)Shahanshah Wrote: [ -> ]This is wrong, but Aboriginal crime and Aboriginal savagery in public is epidemic all over Australia yet it's almost never reported.

They are some of the most savage barbaric dim witted people on the planet earth.

That hate in your heart will suffocate you if you let it.

Emotional argument devoid of any facts.

It's a fact that Australian Aboriginals are at least on average biologically stupid and have never created or innovated anything.

It's also a fact that their presence in urban areas in Australia disrupts the lives of any non Aboriginal they come into contact with.

It's also a fact that socially and economically Australia would be significantly better off if Abo's didn't exist.

These are not my opinions, or claims, but realities, you can use buzz words like "hate" all you want but reality doesn't change because of it.

^ My statement had nothing to do with abos. I don't care about abos at all to be honest.

Also, my statement was a fact. Hate will consume a person if one allows it. You are full of hate. I'm surprised you even bothered to deny this. Hopefully, you'll learn some day. Hate corrupts the soul, plain and simple.
lil' joey g doesn't get it yet. For some it takes longer.
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