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Full Version: Ilerminaty Piramid Explained
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[Image: 1e7b10bcc8.jpg]

good one.

the key thing is to demystify these symbols.

they are not really potent.

they thrive on mystery and conspiracy theories.
the eye represents the "elect" it's a human eye.. implying that god is human-like.. SECULAR.

the pyramid represents the apex at the top and the structure.

it also shows the luciferian light shining down on all those beneath it.

it is unfinished because they don't have full control of the world yet.

it is an outrage that this symbol is on the US dollar bill.
the upside down pyramid is the rising sun.

from below to up.

the regular pyramid is from up to down.

when you put these together .. you get this:

[Image: 220px-Seal_of_Solomon_(Simple_Version).svg.png]
there is nothing amazing about any of these symbols. but conspiracy theorists play it up and give them mystique.

the seal of solomon is like yin yang except its' antagonistic. it's 2 forces clashing into one another.

the yin yang is holistic and harmonious. it's 2 in harmony.
[Image: seal2.gif]
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