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Full Version: Music Indusrty Santaism docu.
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..was posted a short while ago
From the 90's starts with the host in cafe or someplace with pics of rockstars I think..any way I cant fond it and I woudl very much like watch it
Please repost or point me in the right direction
have you been drinking again?

I think that's the video he's looking for Mega, thanks.
Best thread title ever.
this thread was like a comedy skit w/brilliant execution. many lulz were had.

a round of 'upvotes' on me for everyone!! Big Grin

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...was drunk sorry lolSmile
no prob. I think someone TTTed the thread.
(02-21-2014 03:40 PM)Hiptosser Wrote: [ -> ]...was drunk sorry lolSmile

Drunk posting is one of life's great pleasures. I support it 100%.
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