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Full Version: Weird Shit I Get Paid to Draw
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*note: none of these images are my own ideas... only shit I am hired to draw for other people.
They come to me with the ideas of what they need, and I illustrate it for them.

This is just a collection of some of the wackiest shit I get hired to draw.

[Image: pYfnsA.jpg]
[Image: 9ZHpp9.jpg]
[Image: SnunCF.jpg]
[Image: upKUuz.jpg]
[Image: fJyP5q.jpg]
[Image: vbqdVf.jpg]
[Image: htSkhZ.jpg]
[Image: fan0sU.jpg]
[Image: kMJZHe.jpg]
[Image: 4WD1tb.jpg]
[Image: QEWncM.jpg]
[Image: 6fZ9ey.jpg]
[Image: rqDQYa.jpg]
[Image: a25I2v.jpg]
[Image: pZT4PF.jpg]
[Image: XGPUYx.jpg]
[Image: h4chbL.jpg]
[Image: FXBooa.jpg]
[Image: TTAVcB.jpg]
[Image: sLwLLh.jpg]
[Image: GhWmJt.jpg]
[Image: 0AQNk2.jpg]
[Image: 6H3zYn.jpg]
[Image: GfZDWj.jpg]
[Image: JQiUBR.jpg]
[Image: qFWDOO.jpg]
[Image: 9wVDrJ.jpg]
first one is M-Kitty-Ultra?
Wow! You are freaking amazing!
You have great talent. No joke.

Question. How much influence do you think anime has had on american pop art, comics etc?
[Image: JxghVM.jpg]
[Image: DnzEfd.jpg]
[Image: JjOj1g.jpg]
[Image: NgReN0.jpg]
[Image: IY5LyF.jpg]
[Image: YvVVQT.jpg]
[Image: AarmmM.jpg]
[Image: 833sk3.jpg]
[Image: 86hVh1.jpg]
[Image: 1vY5Gx.jpg]
[Image: iFSebj.jpg]
[Image: 6hOuyb.jpg]
[Image: h5ciUR.jpg]
[Image: JyuwTB.jpg]
[Image: wu4vWi.jpg]
[Image: SEtlNZ.jpg]
[Image: ZQGoKf.jpg]
[Image: UWh4fB.jpg]
[Image: tu0NqY.jpg]
[Image: uMSVip.jpg]
[Image: dgXKjc.jpg]
[Image: KFQk8i.jpg]
[Image: U5twW3.jpg]
[Image: UYtTma.jpg]
[Image: eAY5rM.jpg]
[Image: 5QdIft.jpg]
[Image: S0qab2.jpg]
[Image: GZULnK.jpg]
[Image: kh6ddK.jpg]
[Image: xmQwOH.jpg]
[Image: zstXHv.jpg]
[Image: OXQhi6.jpg]
[Image: rNX0i0.jpg]
[Image: hsCzW1.jpg]
[Image: W8ktH9.jpg]
[Image: uhnehZ.jpg]
[Image: ngRGe0.jpg]
[Image: HL1DUr.jpg]
[Image: sPYWAq.jpg]
[Image: AUvwcd.jpg]
[Image: VUsU06.jpg]
[Image: 7iI2XW.jpg]
[Image: zo2cnX.jpg]
[Image: 9qnUmB.jpg]
[Image: CHEvQQ.jpg]
[Image: dICYyG.jpg]
[Image: C1xFR4.jpg]
[Image: TCzGj4.jpg]
I've always suspected this to be the case

[Image: GhWmJt.jpg]

Thankyou for the confirmation
[Image: BkeZev.jpg]
[Image: 00qxZU.jpg]
[Image: Z6dI8b.jpg]
[Image: FGOnFM.jpg]
[Image: R0TXgX.jpg]
[Image: 05l6cY.jpg]
[Image: c86Rxk.jpg]
[Image: wf2WoV.jpg]
[Image: oGlMdr.jpg]
[Image: d1V4XB.jpg]
[Image: z6eKaL.jpg]
[Image: jHpL9M.jpg]
[Image: XlWI70.jpg]
[Image: 0ga2H6.jpg]
[Image: chaLWF.jpg]
[Image: 5gsRxw.jpg]
[Image: eyWb2T.jpg]
[Image: ryENhi.jpg]
[Image: SmtXMb.jpg]
[Image: HVd9t0.jpg]
[Image: IR4OsV.jpg]
[Image: gqAY5N.jpg]
[Image: roGpbM.jpg]
[Image: p1avFP.jpg]
[Image: GSlpxE.jpg]
[Image: TF3VZt.jpg]
[Image: rFJWeL.jpg]
[Image: k2awPg.jpg]
[Image: jfgoAr.jpg]
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