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Full Version: Weird Shit I Get Paid to Draw
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[Image: MdUS85.jpg]
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[Image: g2Xtih.jpg]
[Image: u1pptt.jpg]
[Image: rSoPYz.jpg]
[Image: M3bghy.jpg]
[Image: vz8iVy.jpg]
[Image: lBYj1h.jpg]
[Image: eAyxVx.jpg]
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[Image: nB943F.jpg]
[Image: iaF0Fb.jpg]
[Image: VeSXrc.jpg]
[Image: eQAQU2.jpg]
[Image: SFeaBB.jpg]
[Image: suiWwj.jpg]
[Image: WIy7TF.jpg]
[Image: 3Of04A.jpg]
[Image: jxcViq.jpg]
[Image: 4rw1OR.jpg]
[Image: xlaVoY.jpg]
[Image: bPnLUp.jpg]
[Image: rXC8ze.jpg]
[Image: lIbsEO.jpg]
[Image: 4dKc89.jpg]
[Image: bfutVO.jpg]
[Image: InmQQL.jpg]
[Image: ZczbZD.jpg]
[Image: UIpaS1.jpg]
[Image: 0UDP4H.jpg]
[Image: TCRN3N.jpg]
[Image: CkATAw.jpg]
[Image: fA8eG7.jpg]
[Image: nbmcGE.jpg]
Is it weird that this one freaks me out the most?

[Image: UWh4fB.jpg]
[Image: TTAVcB.jpg]

[Image: 29775517.jpg]

good shit masato! you got skillz!
[Image: 8wJSeV.jpg]
[Image: JeSBIS.jpg]
[Image: gN3OIQ.jpg]
[Image: ti2au1.jpg]
[Image: x3pezV.jpg]
[Image: irOHGO.jpg]
[Image: v4R01x.jpg]
[Image: T3DUPv.jpg]
[Image: I0hhzA.jpg]
[Image: p2GyBJ.jpg]
Can I re-use these without express copyright permission?
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[Image: tF3C4x.jpg]
[Image: DZ2fUk.jpg]
[Image: 7rs9nh.jpg]
[Image: OKbTYZ.jpg]
[Image: pX7tXE.jpg]
[Image: TQPvYr.jpg]
[Image: SCQtMl.jpg]
[Image: DqC3UU.jpg]
[Image: VrFui7.jpg]
[Image: 59WOPa.jpg]
[Image: EXb9SO.jpg]
[Image: n7dvHW.jpg]
[Image: sONjtp.jpg]
[Image: yOgDjT.jpg]
[Image: GlyDao.jpg]
[Image: jJLpNe.jpg]
[Image: ebHm4U.jpg]
[Image: Iuj4dC.jpg]
I can relate to this as I also a health nut, dont care for sugary drinks derived from corn syrup, rainforests being cut down to grow the corn disgust, what about the environment people ?

[Image: eQAQU2.jpg]
[Image: MwX87E.jpg]
[Image: IFvnw4.jpg]
[Image: tu4BJq.jpg]
[Image: QsLqbb.jpg]
[Image: ULAa1j.jpg]
[Image: WMfuqI.jpg]
[Image: 89TzrP.jpg]
[Image: 2kk6rY.jpg]
[Image: INlzd9.jpg]
[Image: DmFq8h.jpg]
[Image: y4w2Sv.jpg]
[Image: Tbm7eJ.jpg]
[Image: NcXDFG.jpg]
[Image: yURzJA.jpg]
[Image: qYJIaX.jpg]
[Image: beuq57.jpg]
[Image: LjEIlu.jpg]
[Image: SfHKEw.jpg]
[Image: wwwU04.jpg]
[Image: yjq7j9.jpg]

That's it for now folks...!

Will add as they come
talented for sure

lmao a ronald McDonald dick
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