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Full Version: Illegally climbing Shanghai Tower, Prepare for Vertigo
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These crazy Russians at it again
I think these are the same couple of guys that have lots of videos, climbing bridges, towers, all sorts of stuff,

Some places man should not go iMo, the air up there not for us.

650 m up, uncompleted, climbing the cranes to get to the very top
Pretty sure same guys
actually its just Russians in general

Eddie Vedder was quite the climber too

could you even get away with that stuff nowdays, cops would shut the concert down
This just blows away any hobby anyone can ever have. I was just gonna post on that thread. Now I have no hobbies at all. None worth mentioning.
vids not working for me
people have no idea how tall that is. it's the 2nd tallest in the world

this will be amazing when finished.

crazy russians.
amazing video. hard to impress on the net these days, but they impressed.
I'm getting vertigo from just looking at the still shots.
(02-13-2014 10:47 PM)Redneck Wrote: [ -> ]I'm getting vertigo from just looking at the still shots.

I was just scrolling down to write that. No way man, no fucking way.

Crazy bastards.
they have gigantic balls for sure.

the thing is those towers are amongst the tallest in the world but they don't look tall since everything is tall around them.
That was pretty cool, crazy but cool.
yeah you can't say they are attention whores really. that is already way beyond attention whoring.


i give them props. that must be very exhilirating. it would be tough getting down too. probably harder.
Makes me feel a whole lot saner, relatively
i'm gonna do that
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