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Full Version: the british invasion... see it for yourself
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the beatles, the stones, the who, the kinks, the animals.

powerful time. great special from CNN in honor of 50 yr anniversary of beatles arrival.

Quote:The British Invasion documentary comes from award-winning producers Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman. Hanks, of course, is a devotee of the music of this era, which was evidenced by his movie That Thing You Do! And also, if you get a chance, seek out Hanks' passionate speech when he inducted The Dave Clark 5 into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The British Invasion documentary rightly begins with the Beatles, but also looks at the other British bands in that first wave that battled for the hearts of North American teens, including the afore-mentioned Dave Clark 5, the Animals, the Kinks and the Rolling Stones.

Quote:If you don't care about 1960s music, this all will seem like a bit much, I get it. But in terms of pop culture and influence, music never was more important than it was 50 years ago.

it was alot more than just music though imo. it was an energy.

Thanks man, will watch!

(02-10-2014 09:59 AM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks man, will watch!

its put together pretty well. high budget.

i was surprised @ the synergy of the brit invasion & motown.

hadn't noticed how much they paid homage to each other.
(02-10-2014 10:04 AM)Megatherium Wrote: [ -> ]

that's a good tune^. id like to hear that covered.

Cool film. You know, I'll never forget my classmate telling me "The Dave Clark 5 is gonna be bigger than the Beatles"!

We actually had four seventh graders dress up in wigs and lip sinc Beatles songs in the gym the year of the first Beatles tour. It was pretty nuts back then.

Awesome, thanks.
Them Dylan cover (not 1970, rather 1966):

I must confess I was a HUGE fan of Herman's Hermits and The Monkees as a young lad.

That bubblegum pop spoke to me. It was so darn catchy!

I owe you three for that one Winnson. Chamber empty; what a way to start the day.

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